Jenelle Evans Lets Haters Destroy Her Happiness

Maressa Brown Say What!?

jenelle evans instagram morning sicknessTeen Mom's Jenelle Evans tends to be one tough cookie who doesn't even have TIME for anti-fan lash-outs on Twitter and Facebook. That's what makes her latest move even more shocking. After getting upset over haters sharing her baby registry info on Twitter, she faced a huge wave of criticism over what she and baby daddy Nathan Griffith had asked for from Babies R Us for their upcoming showers.

Then, in the wake of all the mud-slinging, Jenelle actually ended up deleting her registry altogether!

The MTV star posted several fed-up tweets about the fiasco yesterday ...

Worse yet, Jenelle apparently has no plans to make a new registry. What a shame! I am actually shocked that she let these anonymous jerks rain on her happy parade. That she gave into them and that she feels the need to defend herself. 

I don't see any problem with enjoying as many showers as loved ones want to throw you, and a registry simply gives guests various ideas to choose from. It's a wish list. Something any and every mom-to-be deserves.

So sad to see Jenelle feel as though she has to throw her wish list down the drain because of a handful of judgmental jerks online. Hopefully, her family and friends are granted special, private access to a registry, because she and Kaiser have every right to be properly celebrated and "showered"!

Can you believe Jenelle gave into her haters?!


Image via Jenelle Evans/Instagram

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