'RHOBH' Lisa Vanderpump May Not Be As Bad As Everyone Thinks

Would you look at that?? I found behind-the-scenes parallels between Mob Wives and the Real Housewives. So interesting! By the time this article goes up, Teresa Giudice and hubby Joe Giudice will have had their day in court to request a plea deal, but it seemed prior to today they were a little conflicted on WHAT that plea deal would be.

On The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, we've got two episodes (17 & 18) to catch up on, including that disastrous trip to Puerto Rico and the aftermath. With Mob Wives, it's an explosive season 4 reunion, and I rate Sherri Shepherd opposite Andy Cohen!

UPDATE: Joe and Teresa Giudice have pleaded guilty and their plea has been accepted. Sentencing will be in July. In today's exclusive video below, I detail why there were conflicting stories about the contents of the plea.

Lisa Vanderpump is having issues with everyone. Are they of her own making? Someone else's? I give you MY theory on magazine-gate and how it might just relate to something that happened on RHONY in Morocco. Or the game of Clue. Or both.

Also in Puerto Rico, Brandi Glanville has something to say about Scheana Marie, and even Yolanda Foster jumps in. It brings up a WHOLE gray area about real-life friends and what they do, versus reality show castmate friends and what they do. And don't do. Using examples from various shows and timelines, I explain today how lines can get blurred. And yes, I did think about singing that.

There's always something I have to cut from the episode for time, and this week it was the ear piercing scene where we learn that Taylor Armstrong's little daughter Kennedy is stronger than Kyle Richards and all her daughters put together. Didn't you want to see Kennedy jump from behind a bush and flip the Richards girls during self-defense class? Also, Yolanda and Kim Richards sending their daughters to college. I loved it that Yolanda was concerned with Gigi's professionalism and ability to work while studying, and Kim was concerned with ... glow sticks. And wait, WAIT! I also have to go back and talk about Kim speaking Spanish. I died a little. She proved that she is loopy, lovable Kim. In any language.

Could you believe the Mob Wives reunion? I was fascinated by a few parallels the ladies brought up, proving that whether it's the Housewives or anything else, documentary soap-opera style reality gets made the same way everywhere. I was particularly moved by the argument between Renee Graziano and Natalie Guercio about mean tweeting and their children. Having direct experience with that myself, I break it all down for you in the video. And Drita D'Avanzo. That girl got real. Did you love it?

AND it took me watching a reunion show not hosted by Andy Cohen to realize a few things, and it was amusing. You'll have to tell me whether you agree.

Finally, viewer questions! @NateFame on Twitter, I'm talking to YOU! Please let us know in the comments if you have any trouble viewing the video, and next week "The Real Deal" moves to Wednesdays in order to capture both Atlanta and New York!

Do you think producers are making Lisa Vanderpump look worse than she is?


Images via BravoTV and VH1

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nonmember avatar Maria Gore

Lisa, is a very fair and loyal friend....If you are nice to her and she likes you she is just so gorgeous loyal fair and generous as a friend.... I have so much admiration for her....plus Ken loves Lisa so much and Lisa could not be without Ken....I admire Ken so much....plus is son Warren is just the spitting image of him....and is also a self made man....I am Lisa, Ken and Gig and other dogs real fan love them so muchXxxx

nonmember avatar V Kay

I can't click on the link to watch the video with my iPhone. I had trouble last week too :(. I always look forward to Alex's the real deal blog videos.

Diana Guenzler

I think the producers manipulate this show so much it can hardly be called "reality" TV. I don't think Lisa is intirely innocent any more than anyother "wife".


nonmember avatar Kelln

Lisa has always came across as fair, straight forward, and loyal. This season started out with the girls making fun of her on the DWTS and her fainting episode. They were jealous of Lisa and it was all very catty. So, I believe she has been treated unfairly and is still being ganged up on for being the pretty, popular girl. Lisa has a lot going on, but would be a true friend if anyone could be one in return. Kyle should have taken the magazine fiasco as an opportunity to put rumors to rest. I'm sure the producers were behind the whole thing. Here we are still talking about it. Mission accomplished.

nonmember avatar GEGE

It made me sIck to my stomach to see LIsa ganged up on. All of the others are so jealous of her. They act lIke kIds, especIally BrandI. Yoyo needs to just shut up. LIsa has more class In her lIttle fInger than the rest In theIr entIre bodIes.

Alex McCord

For those who are having trouble with the link, please bear with us as the system is migrated. Try this one! xo http://thestir.cafemom.com/video/episode/1097/Is_Teresa_Guidice_Going_to_Jail_Plus_recaps_of_RHOBH_and_Mob_Wives_with_Alex_McCord

nonmember avatar Zee

Wow, got here through a Google search for Lisa Vanderpump, after watching this week's RHOBH (I think this season will be my last - between the once-funny Brandi and the boring Kim, I just can't do it anymore). I watch the entire 10 minutes of your video, Alex, and you are so captivating! I don't know how I missed the RHONY franchise, considering I live in the area, but your video was impeccably on point. Lisa has always been way too good for these girls. Honestly, even the "underdog" comment that you isolated, was just one of her cheeky comments. It wasn't as mean-spirited as it could have been. She doesn't strike me as that kind of person. She's humorous, fun, beautiful, and just a genuine spirit, it seems. Even the producers and the editing couldn't get me to believe that Lisa was anything but pure class. There's only so much producers can do.

Linda Ireson

I like Lisa Vanderpump.  She is real and has better values then a few others on the show.   

nonmember avatar Noel

Wow! Lisa and Ken have more taste and class than the rest of them put together! I think Yolanda can't stand that her ex is always speaking so nicely of Lisa and she is jealous. Also, between Kim, Brandi and Kyle you still have a combined IQ in the double digits. Really Brandi? You are so stupid that you think Lisa had Cedric deported and banned from the US? I like that Ken held Kim accountable for her past, she doesn't seem to have any judgement and perhaps her little brain cells were fried over the years They should clean house at Bravo and get a new cast, Lisa should leave the show, they don't deserve her or her family.

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