‘Southern Charm’ Series Premiere Recap: Grown Men With 'Peter Pan Syndrome' Aren't So Charming

For a polite city, things are getting down and dirty in Charleston, South Carolina. That’s a part of its Southern Charm, I guess.

Bravo is switching it up with a male-dominated cast (refreshing change from all of the Real Housewives) on the series premiere of Southern Charm. It focuses on pure-bred partiers suffering from “PPS -- Peter Pan Syndrome.” Charleston is their Never Neverland, and they refuse to grow up. They basically deliver cheesy pick-up lines, drink all day long, and brag about their bank accounts. Oh, and they talk about how their families go back at least 10 generations and how they pretty much ruled the world.

Former South Carolina Treasurer Thomas Ravenel leads this southern brat pack. He left office amidst a federal cocaine conviction and did six months in jail. As an egomaniac, he thinks he’s a hero because he makes women coffee after a one-night-stand. He’s trying to redeem himself by considering picking a wife (“like a croissant”) to suit his political aspirations. Still, he can’t help himself from telling coke jokes or from skinny dipping after a polo match at his plantation.

Craig Conover is a 20-something who is semi-serious about holding down a job as a law clerk. He gets reprimanded for being late to work and strives to achieve a work-life balance ... not because he has kids, but because he likes to party. He needs the work-life balance, not moms. Silly.

Shepard "Shep" Rose equates himself to a dog that is “annoying, hyper, and doesn’t listen to anybody.” I would have to agree. Scratch the surface and he is nothing but a goofball. He fantasizes about being an old bachelor with a young girlfriend and living a life of leisure.

Whitney Sudler-Smith is frustrated because he still lives with his mommy and she criticizes him when she sees piles of laundry on his bedroom floor (including underwear, makeup, and high heels). While strumming his electric guitar, he waxes philosophical about his need for a “stabbin’ cabin” in town. He tells girls they shouldn’t drink beer so they can mind their carbs. Yup, he was my least favorite character.

Overall, I didn’t like the guys that much. I will say the women in the men's lives were interesting and not as obnoxious.

Cameran Eubanks appeared on the Real World San Diego back in 2004. She’s a pretty guy’s girl who tells it like it is and everyone seems to eat it up. At 30, I think she is feeling the heat that she isn’t married. She just got into real estate and is hoping to find her way.

Jenna King stands out as the one who bucks the southern belle stereotype. She’s an edgy, budding fashion designer hoping to bring a line of gloves (think Michael Jackson "Thriller") mainstream. She has a Miley Cyrus faux hawk and unleashes a wrecking ball on Shep when he tries to hit on her. I instantly liked her.

I loved the glimpse I got of Charleston on Southern Charm. Historical estates with perfectly trimmed hedges, streets lined with horse-drawn carriages, and beautiful beaches galore. There are a lot of pretty people, too. Southern Charm is the type of show I wouldn’t work hard for a second date with but I would give it another go if I had the time (same attitude as the men in the cast ... it’s only fair).

Did you see the series premiere of Southern Charm? What are your thoughts about the cast?

Image via Bravo

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nonmember avatar lilah

These douches are not just little boys refusing to grow up, they are men with a child's lack of personal responsibility. Of course they do drugs, break the law and are a step away from assaulting women. Shame on whoever put these losers on tv.

wendy... wendywendy

I liked charlston and that plantation was beautiful.  Makes me want to visit.


The homes were gorge, which is pretty much the only reason to watch this dreak. I think the only redeeming point I saw by these yahoos was when Mr. "stabbin cabin" was trying to tell coke whore man that he needed to change his ways if he wanted to run for office, and coke whore just didn't get it, he thinks he can do whatever and still get elected. You definitely understand why these guys are still single, but some little doe eyed Deb will try to "land" one of them.

nonmember avatar Mike

Wow pretty harsh comments on these guys! I think they are interesting for sure and this crew is much better to watch rather than Jersey Shore homos and ditsy house wife's of BH

nonmember avatar Dragon Lady

However, I have to laugh at you mean the girl with the bozo the clown red hair, because at the charity event, first of all, if I was the speaker I would have never worn the hat she was wearing. And secondly, pedestrian and banal, that purse was awful, old ladyish.
Have you seen the well-to-do, up and down Park Avenue
On that famous thoroughfare, with their noses in the air
High hats and Arrowed collars, white spats and lots of dollars
Spending every dime, for a wonderful time
If you're blue and you don't know where to go to
Why don't you go where fashion sits,
Puttin' on the ritz."

Fred Astair

nonmember avatar Dragon Lady

And the other ladies were right about the green dress Kathryn wore to Carolina day, a cocktail dress would have been better.

Sandra Miller

So apparently at some point we find out that Kathryn also hooked up with Whitney.

It would be okay if it were a guy that hooked up with three girls at the table, he'd be considered a stud with a harem, but if a girl does it OMG, it's the end of the world and she's a big HO, that good old double standard.

Why is it okay for a guy but not a girl?

nonmember avatar Sarah

So, we have all kinds of people finding someone they like, love, etc. Why can't the friends of Thomas be happy for him. Instead, they make fun of the girl he likes, when frankly, talk about Norman "Whitney" Bates, I live with my mom and I'm like 50; "Can't I be a Real Boy" Shep f'ing grow up already; Cameroon, "Please stop the judgey, judgey, it just makes you look old, 'Cause it really makes you look like old and like bittr", and that one guy who needs to down throat lozenges on an hourly basis, stop with the ciggies and the booze - you'll end up with throat cancer, my creepy friend, "Craig - shout out to you!" And, finally, the horse teeth girl. Shut the F up. Aren't you shaking up with a 100-year old. You guys are so judgmental and you aren't really friends to Thomas at all. It's kind of sad and makes you guys look like 100% pathetic creeps. Yuck.

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