'Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' Recap: Kyle Richards' Shining Mom Moment Is Super Weird

Kyle RichardsThis week on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Yolanda Foster and Kim Richards sent their daughters off to college. While these farewells were touching and tear-filled, it was Kyle Richards' mom-moments that really stole the show. Yolanda and Kim have been weeping basically the entire season about their daughters' upcoming departures. We were all as eager as the girls themselves to send mom away and begin the next chapter of their lives. Watching Kyle frolic weirdly with her kiddos was a pleasant respite.

Part of what made Kyle's time with her girls so sweetly unexpected was just how weird it was. There was something incredibly easy to relate to about their goofy, funny antics. Sure, their home was experiencing their own rite of passage, with Kyle's youngest Portia getting her ears pierced. But it was the time they spent just messing around in the front yard that was really fun to watch. 

There might be a lot of drama going on between the women themselves, but it was refreshing to see that drama stop at the front door. It was sweet and funny to watch how brave little Portia was about getting her ears pierced -- even if I did roll my eyes at Kyle initially filming the whole thing. When Portia wigged about getting her second ear done, her older sister 'bravely' offered to go next so Portia could watch. Then she hilariously wigged out. Luckily Kyle was there to cuddle everyone big and small as they got their jewels.

I loved her insisting that this was something they wanted to do and her not plan it all! She seemed so entertained and exasperated all at once. All tension went out the window once they got home and Kyle, like the lovable scamp she is, decided to show off the self-defense moves she learned a few episodes back. Her demonstration partner? A giggling Portia. Too cute.

How old were you when you got your ears pierced?


Image via Bravo

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nonmember avatar Katie

Please tell me how this is supposed to be a recap? This doesn't really mention anything other than Kyles interaction with her kids....

Susan Swager Becraft

An hour of my life I can never get back. What a waste of TV airwaves. Having lived for years in lower Manhattan, I can only guess at the rent of GiGi's apartment (unless her parents own it.) Living in a veritibable palace is NOT a college experience. Also, maybe it's just me, but YoMama has gotten really nasty since her arts and crafts party. Maybe the rumors about HER marriage are true.

nonmember avatar Spence

It was indeed weird watching Kyle's older daughter acting like a drama queen over something as mundane as an ear piercing, considering she already has pierced ears.
It was odd and seemed like the poor girl was trying to emulate her mother.
If Kyle had not repeatedly forced the cheating husband story down everyone's throat, she wouldn't have anything to talk about.
The only interesting parts of the show were the bits with Lisa, Carlton and Ken.

jcb1628 jcb1628

The way her older daughter reacted was exactly the same as Kyle did in Puerto Rico when Yolanda brought the iguana on the bus. Completely over dramatic and full of histrionics, pretty embarrassing for a grown woman. she's just displaying her learned behavior.

Shandi80 Shandi80

I agree with Spence. Luckily I had this show DVR'd so I fastforwarded through the parts that didn't interest me. 

Jackie Primavera

 I was 20 and took 7 girls from the office with me.


nonmember avatar kcmk

Kyle and the ladies should read the traits associated with the Jezebel syndrome. Google the book and see that it is a real personality type that needs to be understood. It is life changing in that you aren't battling the character traits if women or men who fall under this very manipulative personality.

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