'Bachelor Women Tell All' Recap: Juan Pablo Gets a Highly Unexpected Break

Bachelor Women Tell All

Damn. Did the claws come out on The Bachelor "Women Tell All" special tonight or what? I mean, we all knew that Juan Pablo Galavis' "ladies" were likely to rip him to pieces as best they could, but these chicks really pulled out all the stops.

And I know that he hasn't exactly been the most tactful dude in the history of the show (which isn't entirely his fault) -- but I gotta say ... these gals really made themselves look like a bunch of whiners.

Yeah, so he doesn't always say things perfectly. (Um ... he barely speaks English. The end.) And he also may have been a little more brutally honest than other Bachelors in the past.

But I know I'm not the only one who thinks these women actually did Juan Pablo a favor tonight. They were such brats that they made him look like the catch of the century.

First of all, I'm gonna go ahead and say it -- Andi Dorfman is in for a rude awakening if she really has been cast as the next Bachelorette. Because duh ... by the middle to end of her season, everyone will wind up turning on her and some dude will throw her under the bus for the sake of landing the next Bachelor gig. (Just like she did with Juan Pablo.) You know what really went down in the fantasy suite? She saw her golden opportunity to be the Bachelorette and she took it. Nothing more, nothing less.

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And as for all of the other women who had a bone to pick with Juan P? Um, who else thinks they are just insanely bitter and jealous that he wasn't feeling it with them? (Don't even get me started on Lauren, the pianist; otherwise, my head might explode.)

To be quite honest, there were only two real women in that room tonight -- Sharleen and Renee. They were mature and gracious. And both of them made sense. Oh, and they said what was on their minds without conforming to the "opinions" all of the other girls "suddenly" have of Juan Pablo. (Funny how most of the other women were all over him until it wasn't cool or socially acceptable to be "into" him. Just sayin'.)

It will be interesting to see if Juan Pablo picks Nikki or Clare next week -- if he even winds up putting a ring on anyone's finger at all. But despite any controversy that surrounds him, HE came off as the genuine and honest person in the room tonight. Those women may have tried to bring him down -- but they only made themselves look like spoiled, attention-hungry brats in the process.

Do you think Juan Pablo is a decent, genuine man?


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gsmom... gsmommy2204

I agree! If he had picked any of the women that were whining about him, they wouldn't have a negative thing to say. It was all jealously of being passed over. It was actually very refreshing to me to see a Bachelor not just tell the women what they wanted to hear in the moment.

Charlotte Trowbridge-Baker

I think he did fine, and I am not sure I will watch it if Andi is the batchlorette. She thinks she is too good for anyone. Yes they all sounded as though they had sour grapes. I would like to see Sharlene but with her career she probably is done with the time away. I am happy for Renee. They were both my favorites. That free spirit one, OMG. Also the one with the dog, ugh!


nonmember avatar Allison

I don't think the other girls were jealous...they were speaking thier minds...I thinkhe is what they say.

Debby Kinder

Yes, the woman sounded bitter.  I cant stand Andi.  She will make a terrible bachelorett.  They left all upset they were not chosen and all of a sudden they are saying how awful is he after crying they were not chosen? Really?  I absolutely loved Sharleen and Renee. Classy woman.

Shirley James

Yes - I think he is a decent person who was genuinely trying to be as "fair" as possible in this situation. I thought at some point I heard him explain that he wasn't as concerned about kissing Cassandra because her child was too young to watch and understand the show whereas Renae's was not. I was happy that Renae and Sharlene spoke up to defend him against all the other whiners.

nonmember avatar rita

He is a decent man. And some women just like a guy that lie to them and then they get hunt. He is very repectful I think he is amazing.

Cathy Lovelace Shukait

I believe also that all of the whiners are sore losers. I applaud the one who left of her own choice as she saw they were physical attracted but not mentally up to par with her. JP is a great guy I think , different but a nice man. Stop being sore losers!

MrsLa... MrsLandon2012

I just want to know why no one can spell bachelorette.

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