Mackenzie Douthit's 'Fairy Tale' Marriage Sounds a Little Too Good to Be True

Mackenzie Douthit and Josh McKee

You know how after you bring home a newborn baby, everything really kind of sucks and you and your spouse can't even remember why you got hitched in the first place? You know, since you're both sleep deprived and say all sorts of crazy stuff you don't mean?

Yeah, well, apparently that's not the case for everyone, least of all Mackenzie Douthit.

Just wait until you get a load of her description of marriage, which will either a.) make you go awwww! b.) leave you feeling a combination of jealousy and disgust, or c.) have you muttering, "Just you wait, honey ..." under your breath.


Really? She thinks being married is like having a slumber party? Dang. (Where do I sign up for that kind of fairy tale?)

Ok, ok -- so maybe I'm being just a tad harsh. But weren't she and Josh McKee having all sorts of trouble not so long ago? If Mackenzie really is as happy as she's leading people to believe, that's wonderful. Or is she simply painting a pretty picture? Hard to tell.

But either way, hopefully she realizes that while marriage has its high points -- not every single day is going to be all fun and games and ... sleepovers. You gotta take the good with the bad and hope you wind up content somewhere in the middle.

And if she and Josh can find a happy medium all while adjusting to life with little Jaxie? More power to 'em -- because they definitely have a leg up on the rest of the general population.

Do you think marriage is fun?


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