Jenelle Evans Flies Off the Handle After Haters Mock Her Pregnancy

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Jenelle Evans

I know she's a reality TV star and all, which kind of sets her up for people being all up in her biz -- but would you believe somebody went and posted baby registry info in Jenelle Evans' name to Twitter? Yes, for reals.

And from what it looks like -- the registry isn't even the real deal, being that it's in the name of Jenelle and her ex, Courtland Rogers.


But even though it's a fake -- Jenelle certainly ain't happy about it.

She posted the following tweet in response to this invasion of her privacy, which pretty much says it all.

(Damn. Tell us how you really feel, Jenelle.) But who can blame her for being pissed off?!?

Again, it's a given that she's going to have more prying eyes than most moms because of her past and her situation. But think about when you were pregnant and created your baby registry. Wouldn't you have felt kind of violated if random people had not only messed with it, but made fun of it? 

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Like Jenelle said, it's none of their business. And even if you aren't a fan of hers, she still deserves to enjoy her pregnancy just like any mom-to-be. Picking on someone for the sake of picking on them is just ... well -- pathetic.

But odds are good that this won't be the last of the crazy stuff Jenelle will have coming her way before her pregnancy is over. (Sadly, this is probably just the beginning.)

Do you think Jenelle has a right to be upset?


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Spooky80 Spooky80

knowing jenelle, she probably created the fake baby registry for attention, drama and to start trouble!! thats all she lives for oh and drugs!

nonmember avatar 1787

If you have nothing nice to say than don't say nothing at all. Keep your negativity to yourself.

jacob... jacob1007


  If you have nothing nice to say than don't say anything at all. Keep your comments to yourself and stop trying to bring people down. have a nice day

nonmember avatar Lucy Lou

Jenelle is the best mom ever! She may smoke a little weed and take some shots while pregnant but she's still awesome! Her kid will come out all chill and sh*t.

nonmember avatar lau

yes, she has the right to be upset, of course she does. but we also have the right to our opinions, negative or positive. all I know is I feel sorry for this baby & jace. seriously-he constantly shouts the F word. why not send him to the corner for 5 or 10 min instead of yelling at him? oh, yelling is the only attention he gets,so he will continue to use it. same with the next im assuming

nonmember avatar Brenda

Lucy Lou: Lmao!!

Defenders: I'll be nice when Jenelle is! ;)

Amy Hyland

I can't believe people are on here defending jenelle and telling me to keep MY OPINION to myself after all those times jenelle has caused trouble and got a lot of conflict going with other people!! I guess these "jenelle defenders" don't see how badly she behaves and the bad things she always does!

nonmember avatar Sarah

Check your facts Mary Fisher. Jenelle made her own registry. The fake registry is separate. People chimed in with their opinions after she posted to her Twitter account for millions to see that she had created the registry. When people saw what she registered for (ie multiple cribs, 5 breast pumps, multiple diaper bags, etc) it became clear that she did it in an attempt to have her groupies shower her with freebies. After abandoning her first child, making up and faking a series of additional pregnancies and/or miscarriages until she publicly aborted a baby and then purposely tried to get pregnant again with a man she knew for 2 months while still married and facing jail time (and possibly still having the aborted fetus in her per her own words), she deserves every bit of hate she gets. She should be sterilized.

Avian... AviannasMama

It's a fucking baby registry. Which is usually a public thing. I didn't realize her baby registry is so darn sacred. Damn I hate that chick. Does she really have fans?! She's about as likeable as Kayne West. She might actually be worse in fact. She's the biggest white trash hot mess. I so feel for this child.

nonmember avatar bam

Lucy.....I find it funny that you think she is the best mom ever...hahahah that's just so funny. what kind of mom did you have?? one that abandoned you for guys? You need to find a definition for good mother. I agree with spooky08. She is a huge fake and I don't think she deserves to be pregnant until she can be a real mom. This is why our world is falling about because of people continuing to be irresponsible when it come to bringing a baby in this world and people idealizing people like Jenelle she is POS of a mother!!

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