Ellen DeGeneres Tweets the Ultimate Oscars Selfie (PHOTO)

ellen degeneres oscars selfieOh my God, it just happened. I can't believe it. Ellen DeGeneres just took the ultimate Oscars group selfie. And we watched her do it on live television! Has this ever happened on live TV? I don't know, because when the Oscars start I forget everything about TV and can only remember movies. But I'm kind of feeling like I'm in a meta media mobius strip here, writing about Ellen tweeting a selfie on the Oscars. If you haven't seen that yet, here it is. And if you saw it & retweeted it, congratulations! You made history. Ellen's selfie became the most retweeted tweet ever and broke Twitter.

Let's talk about all the people in this photo. Your BFF J-trippin'-Law, Bradley-short-arms-Cooper, Lupita Nyono'o and her brother, Meryl Streep, Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie (her face is covered by her hand), Jared Leto's eye, and Julia Roberts. (Also Kevin Spacey and Channing Tatum!) Then let's talk about the legal implications of Ellen tweeting photos of these people without getting them to sign a release first. Just kidding! It's Ellen, and everyone is happy to do Ellen a favor.

After that, Ellen ordered pizza and every lived happily ever after. But did you notice? I don't think Kerri Washington got her slice. Girlfriend is PREGNANT! Geez.

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Anyway, you'll never get these people all together for a photo ever again -- oh, except in every Vanity Fair party photo and those editorial spreads they do. But good luck including Lupita's brother in those photos! Still, I thought it was super cool and loved that moment -- SO DeGeneres, don't you think? By the way, if you're not following Lupita Nyong'o on Instagram, stop what you are doing and follow her now. She is the bomb, and now an Academy-award-winning actress!

What do you think of Ellen's group selfie?


Image via TheEllenShow/Twitter

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Dude! Are you alright? You sound a little too excited. This was not Janet exposing her boob.

gridi... gridironsmom

I don't see Angelina Jolie at all but I do see Kevin Spacey.


Angie's next to Brad waving.

nonmember avatar amber

Don't forget Channing Tatum above Meryl Streep, and Kevin Spacey!

nonmember avatar Lindy

You left out Kevin Spacey. And who's the guy next to Zjulia?

ninag... ninag1980

I thought it was pretty cool.  and p.s. kudos to Lupitas brother I would have done the exact same thing.  Getting in on the pic with all the stars.  Lucky!

nonmember avatar jen

Prima if you find someone's boob more exciting that's your business lol No need to burst anyone's bubble

eclaudin eclaudin

Ellen is just too stinkin' cute. Love the pic!

nonmember avatar justbeintrueboo

lupitas brother is super annoying. if it was anyone else not famous maybe fat hairy and old everone whould be annoyed too. funny she has to go to back and he is front and center. jared leto deserves to be in the shot. this is the oscars not a high school prom. im surprised he didnt walk on stage with the cast when it one best picture. did he know where he was?

nonmember avatar starla

Ellen outright ruined an upscale event. Looked forward to this all year and she brought the occasion to a new low. This should have been a red carpet event...instead her casual idiotic daytime TV antics ruined even the touching tribute moments. Thanks a lot Ellen. What a huge disappointment.

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