Beyonce Steps Out Blonder & Bolder Than Ever (PHOTO)

beyonce hairOh my goodness Beyonce and Jay-Z are so Drunk In Love. They took a break from riding on a surfboard to go out to a club like so in love people do. They probably got a sitter and decided to have one of those date nights out that many parents long for. And Beyonce went all out for it.

She's a mega blonde now! And she went a little goth with the lipstick and black clothes. She even has super dark nail polish on her talons.


The two were at the Mason House in London and they reportedly were out partying until the wee hours of the night. Oh yeah! But let's talk about that hair. That hair!

I love a super blonde Beyonce! She just has such gorgeous skin and can rock just about any hair color but the blonde ... yes, yes, yes. She has some warmer brown undertones and darker roots, but when her locks cascade down all the way to the end it becomes blonder and blondest. She looks a bit Shakira-esque. Mermaid-y with those waves. With that super dark lipstick and her whole look ... she is mesmerizing.

I hope Bey and Jay had a great time. Let's just all guess they continued the fun once they got home. "We be all night ...."

What do you think of Beyonce's super blonde and long hair look?


Image via Splash

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