Joan Rivers Literally Takes the Cake at Pre-Oscars Party (PHOTO)

Joan RiversLast night at the QVC Red Carpet Style event, someone did what plenty of others have wished they could do -- they threw a cake right in the face of famous loudmouth, Joan Rivers. There she was looking fancy and fabulous, and the next, she was accessorized with cake and frosting smeared everywhere.

She did not look happy.

According to the Daily Mail, she was furious and made a hasty exit. She reportedly screamed to security, "Get me to my car!" before fleeing the whole messy scene. 

Plenty have taken to Twitter to express their glee at the sight of poor frosting-covered Joan.

I almost feel sorry for her though. It takes a long time to get ready for those events, and to have it end like this would be maddening.

I'm going to refrain from feeling too much sympathy for her, however, because there is the strong possibility that this was just all a big, attention-seeking stunt that Joan and her team planned. No one who actually saw the cake being thrown has come forward, which seems mighty suspicious. Also, as we know, there's not much Joan won't do for attention, be it positive or negative. Either way, though, the pictures are pretty satisfying.

Do you think this was a publicity stunt? If not, did she deserve this?


Image via Splash

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Judy Tarver

I can't understand half of what she says any more....and I don't think her cast can either...they just laugh HAHAHAHAHA.    What???

Wileen Byroads

I wonder how the fake old has likes that??????  She needs to take a hike!clapping

adamat34 adamat34

I don't care who it is....this was a classless juvenile move.

People are dumbasses

mompam mompam

I love Joan! She makes me laugh, always has.

Donna Amy Demers

I'm not 100% but I did hear it is some sort of Joan Rivers/Miss Piggy QVC publicity stunt, as Miss Piggy is launching a new line on QVC.

Shandi80 Shandi80

Take a hint, Joan. You're not funny. 

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