Elisa Lam's Tragic Death Will Be Made Into Creepy Horror Film (VIDEO)

Elisa LamThe death of Elisa Lam is so creepy and shocking and mysterious that, no big surprise, a movie will be made about it. Lam was a 21-year-old visiting Los Angeles from Canada when she disappeared at the rundown hotel she was staying at, the Cecil Hotel. She was subsequently found dead in the hotel's rooftop water tank. Then elevator surveillance video surfaced that showed Elisa having a decidedly spooky encounter before she vanished. Her death still hasn't been explained, though it was rather bizarrely ruled an "accidental drowning" -- but perhaps a movie version will take care of that. For a screenplay based on Elisa's death has been sold to Sony Pictures.

Elisa's drowning has attracted a cult following of people trying to solve her death (because, you know, officially it's not a murder!). There are websites and blogs dedicated to it. But who knows if screenwriters Phillip and Brandon Murphy will solve the mystery in the movie.

The movie, called The Bringing, will be produced by Michael De Luca, who also produced The Social Network. It follows a private investigator who is hired to look into an Elisa Lam-like murder at a rundown hotel in L.A. There, he finds that the hotel has a dark, secret past. Just like the real hotel! In real life, the hotel once housed no less than two serial killers -- Richard Ramirez and Jack Unterweger.

Ramirez died on death row last year for killing at least 13 people in the Los Angeles and San Francisco area. He raped and tortured many more. If you ever see video of Richard Ramirez, you feel like you are looking at evil incarnate.

Jack Unterweger is an Austrian serial killer who killed at least nine people. He killed three prostitutes while staying at the Cecil Hotel. He committed suicide after his conviction.

Guess this place isn't too picky about its clientele.

The hotel was bought by new owners and refurbished in 2007 -- but that didn't seem to stop the creep factor. In February 2013, Elisa's body was found there. Mysteriously stuffed into a roof water tank.

Despite Elisa Lam's spine-tingling behavior in the elevator video taken shortly before her death -- police have said that her death was due to "accidental drowning, other significant conditions: bipolar disorder." Yet her family claims she had no mental illness.

Also, you have to wonder how she managed to crawl into a rooftop water tank and drown herself.

Maybe the movie will answer some questions for us. Casting suggestions?

What do you think happened to Elisa? Here is the video surveillance of her before her death:


Image via LAPD

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Jeeze lady do a wee bit of research! Ramirez was not "put to death". He died of hep c you dingus.

nonmember avatar Jenna

In the video she looks like she is either on some sort of drug ( my guess is an upper of some sort) and or really excited over something. She also looks like she is waiting on someone the way she checked her phone and did not just take the stairs after the elevator was not doing anything. So my guess is whoever she was most likely waiting for murders her because nobody voluntarily jumps into a hotel water tank.

nonmember avatar Mi3Jules

Very sad! How Ms. Lam ended up on the rooftop & in a water tank is mysterious & perplexing, however, after viewing the elevator surveillance video, I see nothing "odd" in her behavior. Clearly the elevator appeared "stuck"-- the fact that she is seen to cautiously peak out of the open elevator doors repeatedly seems to indicate, having no other explanation that perhaps someone is playing w/the exterior button then ducking around or behind something as if playing a practical joke. Her arm motions may indicate that 'someone' did indeed emerge 'innocently' & she was sharing her frustration & confusion (I'm assuming that there wasn't an emergency phone in working order present). I think she did give up & went in search of the stairs (thereby missing the fact that it inexplicably became operable a few mins later). Or that the 'someone' she appeared to be talking to had been lurking & involved in manipulating the exterior buttons. He may have behaved as a harmless hotel guest who just came on scene & encouraged her to find another exit knowing it would be a private stairwell! He hung back waiting for the elevator doors to close as he knew they would so as to not have his image captured on video when he walked in front of the open-door threshold, which he would have done to follow her. Her behavior in the elevator footage appeared quite 'normal'!

lalab... lalaboosh

She died in 2003? Lol, proofread.


@ lalaboosh: I think that seems too much of the right thing to do.

1RedH... 1RedHottMama

I remember seeing the footage after it happened and she appears to be looking at someone near the elevator. The Cecil is not picky about who stays there. The rent rooms by the hour,it's a flop house for meth heads and used as a transitional housing for some of the drug treatment programs. I can't imagine anyone in there right mind that isn't high or drunk staying there. That place is a pit. The police don't want to investigate anything there,they figure if you are staying there your life isn't worth much. I definately think she was in wY over her head staying on a place like that by herself but I think it's billed as a hostel. I feel terible for her family. Her family will probably never get any answers abour her death. Maybe if they hired a private eye but the transient lifestyle and cloudy meth brains most of them aren't going to talk even if they did see something. I will definately want to see the movie.

mrshouse mrshouse

@prima, perhaps you should re-read her part about Ramirez. She did not say he was put to death, but that he died on death row. She did not say how.


Ok Mrshouse you are correct. I did re-read the Ramirez part and perhaps she should have added the "how" so it would not read as though he did died by sentence he was given. Sorry he cheated the needle.

NoR_C... NoR_CaL_MoMmY

Reading the comment section of this blog is so annoying. In every post's comment section at least one person is putting the blogger down. If you don't like TheStir and their writers, you don't have to come to their website, read their articles, and then then take time to comment about how "stupid" they are. This isn't NBC, these are real people writing about THEIR opinion on current events. Ugh it's so frustrating!

erinh... erinhenry

There must have been an autopsy and toxicology report, but she sure does look like she's on mushrooms or acid.

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