Robert Pattinson's Totally Geeky Secret Makes Him Even More Attractive (VIDEO)

robert pattinson in dior homme commercialRobert Pattinson may appear to be an uber-suave movie star these days (or a gleeful goofball leading a cow around in a snowy field depending on what photo you're looking at), but it wasn't always that way. Oh no. Once upon a time, in a land that knew nothing of one Edward Cullen, Rob was a big wannabe!

Really! Believe it or not, the actor's recent confession to Teen Vogue reveals just how smooth Rob WASN'T way back when ...


While discussing his motivation to sign on to campaign for Dior Homme Eau for Men, Rob recalled:

When I was 12, I remember being on holiday in Portugal and watching teenagers going into bars. I believed that splashing cologne would convince everyone I was an adult. I thought wearing perfume was the cool thing to do. That ... and hair gel.

HA! So funny, so dorky, but SO cute! What an adorable admission. Of course thinking cologne or hairstyling products are going to make you appear older is just part of adolescence. A natural, silly phase everyone goes through while coming of age. Ya gotta love that he's man enough to admit he did, too!

Also, good thing Rob doesn't have to work very hard to convince anyone of just about anything these days! Well, except maybe that he's no longer with Kristen Stewart!

What did you used to think would make you seem older when you were a kid?

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