'Walking Dead' Sneak Peek: 'Still' Shows Beth Getting Mighty Cozy with Daryl (VIDEO)

Walking Dead Is it just me, or is the second half of Walking Dead's season 4 feeling kind of … meh so far? I can't really put my finger on what I'm not loving about these episodes, but the tension just hasn't been there for me. Even that wonderfully-shot scene of Rick evading the house intruders last week didn't keep me glued to the TV like it should have.

Still, even a tepid Walking Dead is more entertaining than most shows out there right now (excepting True Detective, of course, which I sincerely hope you are watching), and I'm definitely looking forward to Sunday's show. Because for those of us who have been suffering from Acute Daryl Dixon Deprivation, it looks like this next episode is going to address that in a big way.

(Spoiler warning: stop now if you aren't caught up with the latest Walking Dead!)

Based on the teasers and promos released for this week's episode, titled "Still," it looks like we're going to get a heavy dosing of Daryl on Sunday. Well, and Beth too, since they're still on the run together.

Here's the promo for "Still," which features more of her journal entries in voiceover format:

Total aside but what's up with these long wispy post-apocalyptic hairdos? Wouldn't that kind of hair be impossible to manage without showers and styling tools and whatnot? Carol and Michonne are basically the only women with reasonable zombie hair.

Anyway, the next couple of clips are more interesting, starting with this scene of the two of them doing an equally masterful job of surviving in the woods:

Uh oh, Daryl finally broke an arrow. But no worries: there are plenty of varmint alternatives. Squirrel's off the menu, folks, but we've got a special on stick-stabbed snake! And how about Beth and her mad fire-making, zombie-proximity-alarm skills? Put that shit on Pinterest, Beth!

Here's the final sneak peek, which shows Beth and Daryl hiding from approaching walkers in an abandoned car:

So I guess that's supposed to be super scary and all, but I'm kind of distracted by the idea of being shut up in a trunk with Daryl. Not a bad way to go, is all I'm saying.

Last but not least, here is AMC's official synopsis for the episode:

An enlightening mission springs from a request from one of the group members.

Well now, that's interesting. The word "mission" makes me think of the Abraham/Eugene/Rosita storyline, but I doubt that's what this is referring to. What sort of mission would be enlightening, I wonder? And does the request stem from either Daryl or Beth? Maybe it's something to do with hope, as Beth mentions in the first clip?

Hard to say, but we'll find out tomorrow. Are you looking forward to this Walking Dead? How are you liking the second half of the season?

Image via AMC

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Oh no I hope Darly don't die I like him and Michelle add a little spice to the show.

nonmember avatar andie

While Daryl Dixon was a very sexy man for a while at the beginning of the show, he now hasn't showered in over a year. Just the thought of the way these people would smell would keep me from being excited about being in close proximity to him, let alone in a car trunk!

nonmember avatar j.

Of course they bathed at the prison! They had water. He hasn't washed since they escaped the prison -- a few days. And although Daryl's probably ripe, Beth probably is too!

nonmember avatar BigG

It's all the damn commercial breaks that's ruining Walking Dead. Watching episode last week was a nightmare. Just when it would get going, commercial break. Seemed like every 5 minutes was a commercial break.
This is making me not want to bother even watching. Never seen so many commercial breaks for any show on TV. What is AMC trying to do? Lucky to get to actually watch 40 minutes of a hour long show.

nonmember avatar meghan

The show isn't an hour long... it runs about 40-45 minutes in an hour time slot to allow for commercials, same as it always has. Cable tv... there's gonna be commercials.

nonmember avatar andie

@BigG, that's why I record each episode and watch it on Monday nights. (Besides the fact that I work on Sunday nights.) Then I can fast forward thru the commercials.
@J, Did they have water at the prison? I don't remember them ever taking showers or baths. How would they have running water if there is no water treatment plant and someone running the water business?

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