Kailyn Lowry Has Every Right to 'Lose It' Over Her Little Boys (PHOTO)

kailyn isaac lincolnTeen Mom 2's Kailyn Lowry has had an especially stressful time, dealing with haters on Twitter, battling her ex Jo Rivera in custody court, and moving to Delaware to be with new husband Javi Marroquin. And given how she only just welcomed her baby Lincoln a few months back, our hearts go out to her for coping with so much lately!

Still, there have been plenty of good times, which it seems Kail's eternally grateful for. Earlier today, she posted an incredibly heartwarming photo to Instagram, along with a blog-like caption that explains so much about where her heart and mind are right now ...

Along with the sweet pic, Kailyn wrote:

Every single morning around this time Lincoln takes a nap with me here and Isaac wakes up and comes to my room so we can watch some cartoons before we start our day. This morning, Isaac looks up at Lincoln then looks at me and says "I'm going to take care of him" and I lost it. I have the most perfect little boys anyone could ask for. Times like these remind me that everything up to this point has all been worth it.

Ahhhh, someone pass the tissues! Oh, Kailyn!

What an amazing epiphany. Sure, it may be one all moms have at some point, but that doesn't make Kailyn's any less heart-rending, genuine, and touching. So happy for the proud mom and her beautiful little boys!

What do you think about Kailyn's realization? Have you ever had a similar moment?


Image via MTV

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nonmember avatar susan

I still think it was very selfish of her to move. It wont be so easy for Joe to stop by and dee him if he is sick etc. Just because you have a new baby with another guy you dont take the fitst one away from his Dad. She should be thankful he wants to be such a good dad instead of just yhinking about the guy who is in her life for the momont. Issac will hold this against her one day. You cant replace Joe with Javi.

nonmember avatar Patricia

Susan I would tend to agree with you if not for the fact andmmaybe some have missed what is fact that JOE moved to some part of jersey maybe 2 years ago...so he can't use that as an excuse

nonmember avatar Msderica

Kailyn is a very ugly person both inside and out. In the beginning she was well liked but now it seems that people truly see her true colors and she is nothing but a selfish vindictive bitch. She tries to play victim all the time and throws bitch fits when things don't go her way. Just as she has a right to be mad Joe does the same. As much as she claims she isn't trying to have Javi Replace Joe her actions definitely speak louder than her words.My mom pulled this same crap with my brother and his dad and as soon as my brother were older enough he went to the custody hearing and told the judge he wanted to live with his dad. My mother cried her eyes out so badly but my brother was dummy and could see what she had been doing through the years. Kailyn may feel like she has "won" now but just wait until Little Isaac gets old enough to really speak him self on this issue.

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