Bloody Charles Manson TV Series Coming From 2 Hollywood Psychos

Charles MansonBret Easton Ellis and Rob Zombie: two great tastes that taste great together? I'm not sure I would have come up with this particular writer/director pairing if you'd given me a case of Red Bull and a full month of brainstorming time, but now that I know it's happening -- for a Charles Manson biopic, no less -- I kind of can't wait.

The plan is for the oddball pair to develop a TV series that focuses on the events connected to the Manson Family murders in August 1969, with Ellis writing the script and Zombie directing. The project will likely be a limited series, although it's in very early development and thus hasn't received the official greenlight yet.

Assuming the show actually happens, I'm fairly interested to see what they come up with. As Rob Zombie put it, the two of them "share the same vision for this epic madness."


Ellis and Zombie have an unusual combined resume: Ellis wrote the cult favorite Less Than Zero and shocked the world with American Psycho, and Zombie went from his success with the industrial metal band White Zombie to directing horror films, including a remake of the 1978 classic film Halloween. However, both are in serious need of a fresh hit, since Zombie's last directorial effort was the 2012 film The Lords of Salem, and Ellis's most recent project was the universally hated Lindsay Lohan film, The Canyons.

Ellis has become downright controversial in recent years, what with his unhinged Twitter behavior that's included everything from rudely vying for the Fifty Shades screenwriting gig to insulting director Kathryn Bigelow to agreeing with Paris Hilton's assertion that all gay men are “disgusting” and “most of them probably have AIDS." So I wouldn't normally be thrilled to hear he's behind a new TV series, but add in the Rob Zombie factor and the whole thing gets more intriguing.

Of the Manson project, which will zero in on the events in 1969 when Manson convinced his cult followers to go on a killing spree, Zombie said,

I have been obsessed with this insane story since I was a kid, so obviously I jumped at the chance to be involved in this incredible project.

No source material has been optioned for the project, so it's sounding like the idea is to create an original spin on the documented history. The not-so-great news is the TV series is being developed for the Fox network. Personally, I'd be way more hopeful about this if it were airing on AMC or FX.

Still, weird projects from weird people are always welcome news when it comes to television. Here's hoping the Manson series makes its way out of development at some point, and that Ellis and Zombie end up being a surprise dynamic duo.

What do you think about this series? Would you watch it?

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