Jenelle Evans Finally Has What She's Always Needed (VIDEO)

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jenelle evans selfie instagramTeen Mom's Jenelle Evans may have had to deal with an uncomfortable root canal and ongoing morning sickness as of late, but she seems to be feeling -- and looking! -- much happier and healthier.

The MTV star took to Instagram today to share a video of herself having lunch out with son Jace and boyfriend Nathan Griffith, captioning it "#FamilyBonding." Aww! And while it initially sounds like no big deal, pretty sure it's safe to say Jenelley looks unrecognizable ... in that she's more content and relaxed than ever!

Check it out ...

See? How cute! Obviously Nathan and Jace get along really well, which is adorable and reassuring to see, and the three of them appear to make for quite a happy, hungry gang! Love it! After all the dramz she's been through, Jenelle deserves to be this chill and at peace. Especially with baby Kaiser about to join their cheerful brood!

What's your reaction to Jenelle's video?


Image via Jenelle Evans/Instagram

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nonmember avatar amystery

I hope she keeps it together. One picture is a snapshot in time and doesn't tell the whole story. She got pregnant very quickly with a man she's only known a very short while; is probably still struggling with addiction issues; could possibly go to jail; doesn't have legal custody of her son...IMO she should have waited and gotten herself together instead of trying to find a connection with yet another guy

Bonita Pope

I am very proud of Jenelle , I think her mom needs to stop using Jace & give him back to his mom, back up and be grandmaw, She is cheating Jace if she don't and he will resent her for it. She was there when he needed her but he needs and wants his mom now. Don't the good by overstepping it and depriving them of a mother and son relationship.

nonmember avatar Frances

I honestly think she's changed a lot for the better, but I hope it stays that way from here on now.

nonmember avatar Jada

Obviously Nathan and Jace get along really well. You are kidding me, right? This little boy has seen so many males come in and out of his life, he has just learned to roll with the flow at a very very young age. There are a few of the Teen Mom's that really do not need anymore children, Jenelle is one of them!

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