Catherine Giudici & Trista Sutter Attack Juan Pablo With Vicious Slams

juan pabloWomen love to pick on Bachelor Juan Pablo Galavis. What started out as a sexy-to-the-ears Argentinian accent soon became hard-to-understand dribble. Even his adorable pucker-up plea "besitos" became grating to most. Then fans started tallying up his many make-out sessions and he earned the rep as the horniest rose bearer of all time. Now show alums Catherine Giudici and Trista Sutter have lobbed the worst insult yet at poor Juan Pablo.

They are calling him completely superficial, only caring about looks. They basically think he is letting his you-know-what do the picking rather than his heart. In a scathing tweet, Catherine quipped: “So [Juan Pablo] thinks each girl is ‘pretty,’ ‘sexy,’ and ‘ayeayeaye.’ Should make for a great long term relationship. #TheBachelor.” Zing!

Trista whole-heartedly agreed. “I think a lasting relationship requires physical attraction (have you seen my husband?!), but on week eight, was just hoping for him to reveal a bit more depth in his search,” she wrote on her Parade blog.

Are they serious? The entire concept of the show is about looks. These protests are the equivalent to insisting that Miss America is a scholarship contest and not a beauty pageant. PUHLEEESE! It's not as though eight weeks is even enough time to really get to the heart of who someone is.

In fact, both of the women should remember the old adage -- people in glass houses should not throw stones. Would Catherine have been so giddy if Sean Lowe didn't look like Malibu Ken? What did she really know about that guy after those over-the-top, contrived dates. And Trista -- it's not like she wanted any of the Quasimodos during her season. And she picked a super hot firefighter. How cliche is that. All of that is to say that Juan Pablo may be making superficial choices, but that is what every contestant does. After the show ends is when they really get to know the person, which is why so many of those showmances fail in real life. So give the guy a break.

Do you think Juan Pablo is more superficial than past Bachelors?


Image via ABC

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gsmom... gsmommy2204

There have never been "average" men or women on the show. Most of them are models, actors or something in between. I've never seen a woman over a size 6, maximum & there has never been a chubby man. Very unrealistic. However, them slamming him for doing the exact same thing they did is pretty hypocritical. Just because they didn't talk about it as much as he does doesn't mean they weren't thinking it. People hate that Juan Pablo is so brutally honest - he's no sleazier than any of the others - both men & women - that have been looking for "love".

nonmember avatar wmsmale

How can any woman wait in line to have dribble passed to her from the last one.

nonmember avatar Lynnster

We must be watching diff show. This guy is a jerk. Everyone was blindsided by looks, and now they r seeing the real Juan P
If he was that great he could find a date without tv-he's in it for fame.
Women r weak too. andI has issues and should not be next Bachelorette. HVe older contestants next time. Or just cancel show would be best.ive only watched twice this season and that was two times too many.

Margeaux Abbott

I think a lot of people saw that JP is not sincere to look for a wife. He is looking for more exposure so he'll add more "moolah" in his coffers and there's nothing wrong with that. He will eventually, he'll find one but not yet. Two ladies were right with their assumptions because the've been there.

nonmember avatar saundra kelley

O leave him alone. He's good looking & sexy. Who doesn't want that in a man? He's also young. !

Susan Martinez Wright

Who is Trista "Souter?" Or, is it, Trista Ryan?! Lmao how can I take this article seriously when you can't get the names right? Shame!!! Shaaaaaaaame!

nonmember avatar Maria Rufiner

Hey girls he is not argentinian , he is venezuelan , he is so handsome and really he was respectfull with the ladys , his languaje en English is limited words like my and I relly understand him, because that happens to my all the time , but people is mean and don't get it because they don't speak another language to be in his shoes , so take it easy with him ,come on !!!

nonmember avatar Luciana

First of all, he is not from Argentina. He is from Venezuela!! It's Trista Suter

Florence Christine Hayden

I think he is a player and not there for the right reason..he's there for the fun and glory

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