Kate Middleton Will Definitely Regret This Shocking Switch for Royal Tour

kate middleton long hair  Queen Elizabeth II Hosts Dramatic Arts Reception At Buckingham Palace Rumors have been swirling for weeks that Kate Middleton is being pressured cut her lovely flowing brunette locks by just about everyone around her who is over 50. Okay, not quite, but apparently, Camilla Parker Bowles and her stylist and another mouthy royal stylist are all in cahoots to get the Duchess to go shorter.

We were hoping Kate would blow off this clearly misguided advice, but now the buzz is that she's actually planning to do the drastic chop ... sooner rather than later! Say it isn't so!


The Daily Beast is reporting that Kate may get a dramatic haircut before heading off on tour to Australia next month. While there's speculation that she could only end up going for a shorter, shoulder-length style, apparently she's "being urged by some to adopt a more radical bob to avoid endless fussing with her hair when the weather is anything less than still." What?!

Granted, it has looked reeeeally long -- somewhat unmanageably so -- as of late, but all the woman needs is a trim! Why is contending with the wind being seen as such a big hairy (no pun intended) deal? It's absurd! And certainly no reason to go for a "radical bob." Ugh! Please, no!

No matter what the plans are, bets are already being placed. (Because of course they are.) Thankfully, most gamblers seem to think a shoulder-length style is all that's in the cards. We can only hope that's as drastic as it's gonna get!

How would you feel about the Duchess going for a super short new hairstyle?

Image via WPA Pool/Getty

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