Robin Thicke's Desperate Attempts to Get Back With His Wife Are Lame (VIDEO)

Robin ThickeIn case we were all wondering just who was behind pulling the plug on the marriage of Robin Thicke and Paula Patton -- well, wonder no more! It was not "mutual" as their statement to People magazine claimed. It was Paula who gave Robin his walking papers. Duh! Was anyone in doubt about that? Here we all thought Paula was the most chill wife on the planet, shrugging off Miley Cyrus's twerking and Robin's ass-grabbing and goodness knows what else, but apparently behind the scenes, girlfriend was plotting her escape. There is really no doubt this was Paula's idea, given that Robin has launched a full-fledged, and extremely public, campaign to get her back in the fold.


Robin flat-out told some dude from TMZ who was stalking him for a comment about the separation: "I'm just trying to get her back."

Then TMZ caught several HUGE bouquets of flowers being sent to Paula's house -- from who? Probably not Miley.

Then! Just in case you still weren't sure that Robin was trying to crawl out of the doghouse -- he announced at a concert:

For y'all that don't know me and my wife separated, but I'm trying to get my girl back. She's a good woman.

He then launched into a song called "Lost Without U," which was written by Robin -- and presumably the person he's lost without isn't his money manager (though that guy is important too).

So what do we make of all of this? I think it's pretty obvious. Robin did something -- or perhaps many things -- that drove the marriage into the ground. He knows it. Guys don't send flowers and beg to get back with you unless they've screwed up royally.

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The problem? Men love to go on the chase. And when they're chasing, and promising, and crying, and begging, they honestly believe things will change. But they rarely do. Because just by dint of the fact that you have taken them back -- you've essentially given them permission to continue. "Well," he thinks. "She took me back so I guess what I did wasn't THAT bad."

Judge a man by what he does when the relationship is GOOD -- not when it's BAD. Because once the courting period is over and things go back to good, it's too easy for a guy to slip back into old behavior. After all, you took him back! Couldn't have been that bad!

Also, all of this courting in public is in bad taste. It stinks of trying to get the public on his side so everyone goes, "Awww, poor guy -- Paula is so mean for not taking him back! He just loves her!" Meanwhile no one knows how many chances the poor woman may have given him already that he blew.

My advice? Robin, if you want your wife back, shut up about it, and beg her to go to counseling for six months. Cancel your tour if you have to. Your wife and child are more important than your fans.

And then spend the rest of your life proving that you're the man you're claiming to be. That means with actions, NOT words!

Do you think she should take him back?

Image via Instagram/video via Kbaby82/YouTube

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