Watch Farrah Abraham's Most Hilarious Breakdowns in 1 Minute (VIDEO)

farrah abraham crying couples therapyFarrah Abraham made quite the impression when she joined the cast of VH1's Couples Therapy without supposedly being a part of an actual couple. Most notably, she was known for her "whisper-crying," which entails sobbing and whispering and all sorts of twisted-up, "wah" faces that are right there on par with Kim Kardashian's infamous cry face.

In honor of that, VH1 compiled an affectionately mocking mashup of Farrah's best tantrums from the show, and it is all sorts of hilarious.

Check it out ...


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Okay, sure, it is definitely engaging in schadenfreude to giggle about this, but come on, you know at least some of this was Farrah putting it on and out there for our entertainment. So really, no need to feel that bad when it comes to Farrah's perpetual freakouts.

What's your reaction to this video? Be honest: Do you ever genuinely feel bad for Farrah?


Image via VH1

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