Kourtney Kardashian's Annoying Confession Changes How We Think of Her

Kourtney Kardashian

Damn. Out of the whole crew, Kourtney Kardashian always seemed like the most down to earth to me -- other than the fact that she's attached to Scott Disick, who's a bit of a drama queen.

Even with how famous her family is, she's such a loving and devoted mom, and she seems somewhat normal -- if that's even a possibility when half of your life is lived in front of the cameras.

But after seeing this new pic that Kourt posted to Instagram along with a startling confession, it looks like she has way more of a charmed existence than we thought.


Kourt captioned the photo with, "They do my makeup, they do my hair, they pick my clothes, they take my picture ... what would I do without them?! @joycebonelli @thescottycunha"

Um, excuse me? When, exactly, did Kourtney Kardashian suddenly transform into Gisele Bundchen?!?

I mean, I figured she had people glamming her up for photo shoots and for episodes of Keeping Up With the Kardashians -- but can you believe Kourt has a team of folks who literally dress her and make her over every day?

Ugh. What a letdown. Now every time we see her all dolled up in some chic yet casual and cool-looking outfit, we're gonna know she wasn't the one who put it together. Kind of takes away a lot of her charm, doesn't it?

Kourt really should've just left this one alone instead of outing herself as yet another celeb mom who only looks as good as she does because she's fortunate enough to have a staff to tend to her. Nothing says disappointment like finding out a person isn't who you thought she was.

Do you think less of Kourtney now that you know she has "people"?


Image via Instagram

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