'Here Comes Honey Boo Boo' Recap: Mama May Be Losing One of Her Kids

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here comes honey boo booThis may be the most crazy Here Comes Honey Boo Boo episode ever. That's certainly saying a lot considering what has come up in the past. I, for one, will never forget the Redneck Olympics or the Family Moon. Crazy. Just crazy. This latest, however, takes the cake. The reason? Mama's family may be breaking apart.

With high school graduation around the corner, Anna is determined to move out. This worries Mama June for many reasons: she feels that Anna isn't mature enough to take care of herself. She has no job and has no idea how to raise baby Kaitlyn without the family pitching it. In fact, the thought of the infant leaving the house is devastating to the matriarch. Still, the jobless, clueless Anna wants to strike out on her own despite the fact it's breaking her mom's heart.

Less of a concern to Mama June is the torment Sugar Bear is experiencing. He's still desperate for some affection from her. She's so disinterested, Mama herself wonders if she is going through a change of life (even thought she's just 33). In an attempt to "re-hornify" June, Sugar Bear arranges a double date with her sister and her sister's new boyfriend. They head to a Japanese restaurant because the food is an "aphroneezedad" according to Sugar Bear. Needless to say, it all does little to inspire Mama.

Usually my sympathies lie 100 percent with Sugar Bear, but Mama has a good defense this time. As she explains it, when they first met, things were pretty hot and heavy, but nine years later, what does he expect? Certainly most wives can see where she's coming from. That said, she still needs to compromise with the man. Pick a day, take a couple shots of tequila, and get it over with on.

Do you think Mama is being too overprotective of Anna?


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Austi... Austinsmommy12

Out of all that load of crap...that woman is 33?!

adamat34 adamat34

No not being unreasonable at all Anna is still young an had the constant support of her family to help raise te baby. It's just how I would feel.

I always feel bad for sugar bear when I read these this guy does everything for this family and he does it without complaint and they shot on him and his feelings without fail.

I guess it's possible menopause is to blame, but more likely it's something else that's killing her libido poor diet maybe?

She just doesn't seem to respect him as far as she can throw him and he makes special efforts to show he cares in his own way.

Seems like she should be a little less cold and say thank you more at least put in a little effort.

2cent... 2centsCDN

I thought the same thing Austinsmommy...she looks about 10 years older.

N_mar... N_maricle

Good god, 33? Her terrible diet was done a number on her skin, as well as her weight. I can't believe she only 5 years older than I am... I would have guessed she was 45...

mamat... mamatreat

Maybe less "sketti" and more exercise would help her?  I'm sorry, even if they have been together for 9 years, getting busy once a year is pitiful. Feel sorry for Sugar Bear. :(

swtga... swtgapeach8806

Wow, she had Anna when she was 15! She looks so much older than 33.

Mazie... Mazie0723

Maybe they have lost their connection. Ive been married almost 11 years and my husband and I still have a great sexual relationship. Also no woman should just suck it up for their spouse.

00NoW... 00NoWay00

I don't blame her daughter for wanting to move out and try to make it on her own.  This family seems very suffocating ...

Jozemom Jozemom

If I had a teenage daughter with a baby at home (God forbid!!!) I would help her come up with a reasonable life plan. First, I would encourage her to finish high school and then get a part time job and do online courses. With the money she makes at her job I would have her buy what the baby needs and buy her own clothes and toiletries and put the rest in savings. After finishing school I would help her come up with a financial plan so she could move out with her child within 6 months. 

As far as the low libido....I would imagine being 200 pounds overweight would have something to do with that. Not only does it effect her physically, it surely effects her psychologically. She probably doesn't feel very sexy, and it's hard to get in the mood when you don't feel very good about yourself. I think the best thing for her would be a few weeks with Gillian Anderson. 

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