'50 Shades' Movie Has to Differ From the Book in One Major Way

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ew dakota johnson jamie dornanSince it became an undeniable part of the zeitgeist, Fifty Shades of Grey hasn't caused an uproar only because it began as poorly written fan fiction. It hasn't set tongues wagging only because it's erotica about a woman coming of age and discovering her sexuality, and we're ridiculously uptight about anything remotely sexual -- especially female sexuality -- in our culture. It's also fired up an ongoing debate about whether or not E.L. James' story depicts an abusive relationship.

It's a debate that has been fueled up even more so lately, with the movie's wrap leaving us wondering if the film version will actually resemble a romance -- or a nightmare.

In the book, Christian is described again and again as "mercurial." His mysterious nature and hair-trigger mood swings have Anastasia walking on eggshells, terrified that he's going to freak out on her. He dictates what she should or shouldn't eat and how much she should work out. NONE of that is sexy, charming, romantic, or alluring in the least. It's actually really sick, twisted, and disturbing. And if any of it made its way into the movie script, we should be very concerned.

Because it's bad enough to think about anyone really -- young or old, female or male -- reading the books and thinking that sort of behavior is attractive, but something about seeing it romanticized on the big screen makes it even worse. 

Again and again, we heard that the cast and crew believe E.L. James' book is an "incredible love story" at its core. Let's hope that they really did end up staying true to that -- and keeping anything remotely abusive between the book's covers and off the screen.

How do you feel about Christian and Ana's relationship being interpreted as abusive? What parts of the book do you hope don't end up in the movie?

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Janet Meade

OMG!!! Every body complaining about the "abusive" side of this is crazy. If the didn't follow the book to the T it would be a shame because not one thing about the story screams abusive to me. Really I mean can we all grow up and be adults and say things like this actually happen and some women may not see it as abuse and besides He changes for her isn't that what every woman wants is for her man to change for her but still be him I don't know maybe I just don't understand what the big hype is about! But I have read the books over and over and I am so excited about the movie because no matter what direction they went in I know it will be great. I give 2 thumbs up to the author of the book and 2 thumbs up to everyone having anything to do with the movie.

nonmember avatar Amanda T.

I think that the movie should portray the book as it was written. All of that stuff that is portrayed as controlling or abusive stems from Christian & his past issues with his mother. Anastasia breaks that wall down & gets down to his core...A True Love Story. I say let it be the way it is, most of the fans who Love the book will only love the movie if it is as it was written...

nonmember avatar alison ellis

I so agree with you Janet it is a deep emotional story which shows the deep emotional changes he goes through for the love of Ana. He changes his learned behavior from his first real relationship with an older woman to a real deep love which he has for this young woman which could be said to be love at first sight.

Janet Davies

It would be a shame to water down the story. It is essentially a love story and yes Christian is mercurial, but he does change for her.  Think everyone going to see the film would appreciate that the spirit of the story stays the same. 

Olivia Melvin

I would honestly be really upset if they changed anything about the story line or anything in it. There are a lot of people who will never touch a book in their lives and it gives us fans way too many times to have to say "But there was more in the book". I don't know, personally I feel it would be a shame to change it in any way.

nonmember avatar Zoe

Keep the film the same as the book, the people who thought the book showed abuse won't want to watch it will they?!? I loved it film has to stay the same!!

nonmember avatar Kelly

The " abusive" side is the whole point of the story and the reasons behind why he's like that and as the story/books go on he settles down and becomes less "abusive" especially when Anna finds out what he went through I don't think anyone in real life can go through what he done and behave perfectly fine after

Elizabeth Forrest

Keep it the same as the book.  It is an incredible love story that just happens to portray a lifestyle most people had no idea existed and have absolutely no capability of understanding.  In bdsm two consenting fully aware human beings are acting out "scenes".  Doing things they both sat down before anything took place and talked through what they want and don't want & what they will do and won't do.  One word can stop a bdsm scene where in an abusive relationship no words or actions would stop it.

activists groups and religious groupls

nonmember avatar Kayla Stephens

Okay for one this book is very romantic it shows that not only should a couple be sexually attracted to each other but they also let down there walls and let someone takeover for a while it shows complete trust and in doing so is sexually emotionally and physical attractive too me. Not all lovers are fairy tale worthy but some people need more than plain old vanilla where is the spice in life or like in the old days when a young girl was given to an old man and they were sexual I call that abuse

nonmember avatar Lindzee

What!? BS! If you take out "Mr. Mercurial" you are taking out half of the storyline. It is about him changing for her. The movie should not be made for the feint hearted people. It should be made for the fans of the book. Which means : LEAVE IT ALONE! Stop trying to make it something that it's not.

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