Leah Calvert's Family Faces Another Unfortunate Setback

Leah & Jeremy Calvert

She's definitely had her fair share of challenges, and now Teen Mom 2 star Leah (Messer) Calvert has one more obstacle to come to terms with.

Her husband Jeremy Calvert was laid off from his job due to a scary incident where he passed out while pipelining. Apparently a combination of having headaches due to stress and anxiety and not eating breakfast that day is what caused him to faint. Unfortunately, it had more of a negative effect on his career than simply missing a day or two of work.

But getting laid off? For fainting? I understand that you can't exactly perform physical work adequately when your health isn't up to par, but given that he's a pretty young dude, you'd think they would've just told him to put his feet up for a week then get right back to work.

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Man. Between losing Jeremy's income and everything she's been through with daughter Ali's muscular dystrophy diagnosis, poor Leah must be ready to lose her mind right about now.

But things have to turn around for her at some point in the near future, right? I mean, there are only so many hardships one person can deal with before things even out and start going in their favor.

Or at least let's hope that theory runs true for Leah's sake.

Do you think it's wrong that Jeremy was laid off?


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Stacey Struble

Someone should set up a gofundme for this family they need a break!


nonmember avatar Kristy

I believe it was a MEDICAL layoff... probably so he wouldn't have to call off. And they said it would be about a week. How do I know this?? I watched the show this week.. so this obviously happened months ago. Short on stories much?!?

mummy... mummyoftwins92

How things start looking up for them soon.

Marsha Witherspoon

depending om the type work that he does, severe headaches and fainting could probably be a serious work hazard...hopefully there is some retraining for other positions available for him.

Farrah Hays

they get paid from mtv,they will be fine

nonmember avatar Brandi

Thank you Kristy, that's exactly what I was thinking. This article is worthless!

Brenda Reeves

I don't think it's wrong for them to tell him to take sometime off to get his health back on track!

nonmember avatar Tiffany Farmer

When you work pipeline that's just how it is! They give a layoff when it's close to the end of the job if someone isn't able to work. It's good to get a layoff because they can call you back on the next job! And you draw unemployment during the layoff period. My husband has worked pipeline for 12 yrs. so I know how it is!

nonmember avatar Amanda

A fund for them?? No way. You clearly do not know how unions operate and how much money you collect from Unemployment Compensation while laid off. It is everyday life they are dealing with - hardly a struggle.

nonmember avatar Liz

I feel bad for them bc of all the issues with her daughter but they get paid from MTV I think they make them act like they don't have money so that its more of a reality show to show the struggle that you face when you have children at a young age. I mean come on they always have their hair done, and their nails done and they're buying new houses and they all have really nice vehicles.Do you know anyone their age in real life that can do that especially with one income?

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