'50 Shades' Trailer Aims to Please Fans Who Need a Christian Grey Fix (VIDEO)

we aim to please christian grey trailerIt's hard to believe that after so many months of waaaaiting, the Fifty Shades of Grey movie is actually a wrap. But as exciting as that is for fans, it means we have to usher in a whole new era of waaaaaiting once again. Not for casting this time, but for a trailer. Oh man

Thankfully, there are some creative folks out there who have taken a shine to creating their very own previews for the film, piecing together footage from both Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson's past work. One of the latest uber-creative, sexy, most likely NSFW fan trailers comes to us courtesy of YouTube user LivingWithJill ...


HA, love the inter-spliced snippets of Fifty Shades-branded sex toys and the wink-wink titles! Not to mention the requisite shots of Christian running -- which we know we're going to see in the final cut of the flick, given all the behind-the-scenes glimpses we got of Jamie doing just that.

Considering how entertaining unofficial fan trailers like this have been, I'd say the bar has certainly been set pretty high for Universal ... Now if only they'd deliver the real deal!

What do you think about this fan trailer? When would you guess we'll get the official one?


Image via LivingWithJill/YouTube

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