Juan Pablo Accidentally Reveals Who Wins With Deleted ‘Bachelor’ Scene (VIDEO)

Juan PabloAye aye aye, I don't even know where to start. After Juan Pablo made a fool of himself on the latest episode of The Bachelor, he was completely trashed in the media -- and even dissed by his former lady, Andi Dorfman.

So obviously that means it's time for some serious damage control. But this is Juan Pablo we're talking about here, so there's a good chance he didn't think this through. While I'm sure he thought that sharing a romantic deleted scene with the public would make him appear sweet and charming, it actually did something much worse.

It basically confirmed who he chooses in the end. Nice going, J-Pabs.

Take a look:

You recognize this scene, right? It's his second one-on-one date with Nikki Ferrell -- they play catch and talk about third base while Neeki wears an extremely slutty outfit.

Anyway, I'm guessing he shared this deleted scene because it shows that he took his tongue out of her mouth long enough to give her a present -- a hat! How sweet. How much did the ABC producer have to pay for that? I bet it broke the budget.

Now let me ask you something. Would you be okay with your boyfriend sharing video footage of a date he went on with another girl? No? Well, there you go. There is no way Juan Pablo ends up with Clare Crawley in the end. Why on Earth would he share a clip from his date with Nikki if he doesn't end up with Nikki?

I'm not going to lie, I kind of feel like a private eye over here. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go put on my trench-coat and sunglasses.

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What do you think of my theory? Do you think Nikki wins?


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Frost... FrostyMelted

The person he picks can hardly be called a winner because they'll have to deal with him. Sometimes, losing is really the best option.

Donna Corbosiero Marks

Foe some reason I don't feel he choses anyone. I could be wrong but I'm just not feeling it!

Jenn Moreno

Obviously he used this scene because of the violence that is going on in Venezuela right now, if you watch the news you would likely know that. This episode is relevant to what he is saying about Venezuela and his country looking for a better future and to have the ability for a democracy.

Florence Christine Hayden

my guess is Nikki.said it from the start.but,, it would be in her favor if he doesn't choose her.  lol

Debby Daud

If its with anyone then Nikki . Clare is a drama queen and imature!  

Then again I Nikki is way to good for him just ike Renee was .

Lorri Forman

Nikki was the only one to meet his daughter and family so far...right?

nonmember avatar Mary

I don't think he chooses anyone. Andi hates JP, and if you look on Twitter, Nikki & Andi are like best friends now. So that wouldn't make any sense!

Sandra Blake

I must have missed it - I did not see where he said he was choosing her. 

Barb1885 Barb1885

I've already read that he does choose Nikki but doesn't propose and they are no longer together.

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