Bethenny Frankel’s Ex Won’t Move On & It’s Getting Creepy

Bethenny Frankel green juiceTheir marriage has been over for more than a year, but Bethenny Frankel's ex-husband Jason Hoppy can't let go. When Bethenny and Jason announced their separation (followed in rapid succession by their plans to divorce), their fans took the news badly. After all, ardent Bethenny supporters (myself included) had watched her work through her issues in a bid to find real and lasting love. To hear it was all falling apart was just genuinely sad.

But I think we all assumed -- just like Bethenny must've -- that while the separation would be painful for all parties involved, both she and Jason would move on with their lives and find the happiness they both deserved. But then things got weird. Like when news broke that Jason was refusing to move out of the apartment that he and Bethenny shared.

Even this was sort of understandable. After all, though their marriage might be ending, they're going to spend the rest of their lives as co-parents to their baby girl Bryn -- it makes a certain amount of sense that Jason would want to stick around to make sure he got the time he needed with his daughter.

But it's become clear that there's more to this than just Jason being an excellent papa (no doubts that he is). Jason can't seem to let go of Bethenny. There's a fine line between being a dyed-in-the-wool romantic, eager to do whatever it takes to win back the woman you love -- and being a creep whose behavior only seems to prove Bethenny right for choosing to end things in the first place.

Do you think Jason's being pathetic or sweet?


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Judy Tarver

She said on her talk show that she "settled"  when she married Jason.   If she says that to millions of people what in the world has she said to him privately?   I my opinion,  he doesn't want her back, he wants to live in the apartment he helped to design and to be near his child.   I say "Bravo, Jason".    If you can stand the nasally motor mouth, you must be a saint.

youth... youthfulsoul

She can move out can't she?

nonmember avatar NYMom

Why are people so fixated on Jason moving out? Bethenny has already moved out! They ARE (still) married. It's no more her house than his until a judge says so. Let's face it, he's clearly the better choice to be the primary custodian of Bryn. It makes perfect sense that he'd stay put. All of this "iron clad prenup" stuff is starting to sound bogus. If it was true, the divorce would be final by now.

nonmember avatar Marie

Honestly, based on appearances, Bethenny is all about Bethenny. She is focused on herself 99.9% of the time. She goes to therapy and all sorts of stuff, but it is all so focused on her needs. She doesnt' focus on how to fulfill the needs of others in her life. That is why her marriage failed--not because she settled. She did not put her husband and her family first; she chose her career. And that is what she will probably end up with --- her career.

Tanya Sofia

This woman was damaged goods from the beginning. She did not respect Jason at all. The things that Bethenny shared about what goes on behind closed doors should have been kept private. Since day one I knew that the marriage was not going to last because of her paranoias. It is ashame too. Not many men out there would want to marry a paranoid, mouthy damaged woman with a bun in the oven. She should have been thankful, appreciative and kissed the ground Jason walked on. For crying out loud his parents were so accepting of her. Bethenny got all freaked out that they wanted to spend time with her and their granddaughter. Well, duh. Healthy loving people like to be around their family. I feel bad for the next guy/victim that comes into her life. A leopard does not lose it's spots ever.

Liz Pinzon

I watched all of Bethennys shows. Throughout the series Jason rode the fence. When asked questions he struggled with answers, especially when it came to e hat he wanted to do with his career. Jason couldn't decide whether he wanted to be part of Bethennys Corp or whether to stay with his current job. I was getting frustrated with him humming and hawing back and forth. Dude! make a decision and move on. Bethennys was a better person than me I would never have married him in the first place. Queen Victoria once said "I married beneath me, all women do."

Suzanne Gorencel Ambs

I watched her show from beginning to end...and she seemed very happy to have found someone that "gets" her and all her quirks and low self esteem issues. He adored her and was amused by her humor. What happened is probably what went on behind closed doors and camera's. Only THEY know for we can't second guess it. I was rooting for them to live happily ever after but perhaps she was just too critical of him...too aggressive in the workforce and put her own success ahead of the "their" success as a couple. Men do it all the time...but when women do it...their labeled bitches. I feel badly about them. He was what appeared to be a sweet guy...and I loved her quit wit...but you never know someone until you LIVE with them. I wish them both happiness...regardless of whether they are married to one another or not.

nonmember avatar Linda

Jason is the best thing that ever happened to bethenny. Glad her show got cancelled, America IS over her.. will never buy Skinny girl anything.. Hope Jason somehow gets 100% of bryn. wish Bethenny would dissappear. It would be best for her daughter, then bryn would not be around her crazy mother.. Poor little girl.. Money could not buy bethenny happiness. Jason parents were the best grandparents ever.. Bethenny doesnt even have parents. except her crazy mom.. Feel so sorry for Bryn.. Jason needs to find someone who is Hooter, sexier, Richer and more powerful than Bethenny, and Take bryn away... She needs normalcy in her life..

Jo-Ann Tuohey

She should move out and stay out. She is the one who chose career over marriage and family. Bryn belongs with her dad. Bethanny's company was floundering when Jason stepped in and fixed it. She owes him big time, and saying that she settled is not what he deserves.

nonmember avatar Dear god

Who owns this site?? Obviously someone friends with Bethenny. I find it amusing. Here is the probable reason he is sticking around... They have a prenuptial that entitles him to a percentage and she won't concede to it.

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