Kailyn Lowry Is Still Clashing With Ex Jo Rivera in Custody Battle Aftermath

kailyn lowry jo rivera baby isaacTeen Mom 2 star Kailyn Lowry's aggravating custody battle with ex Jo Rivera just played out in front of a massive audience in the most recent ep of the show. For the uninitiated, Kail's move to Delaware prompted a bitter argument in court over son Isaac's visitation with Dad.

Ultimately, Kailyn and Jo compromised on Isaac visiting his father nine days a month. He had been seeing him eight days.

On paper, that may sound fair. But Kailyn reveals she's not at all cool with the agreement, explaining:

We disagree over Isaac’s pre-school. He’s missing five days a month to visit Jo because of the custody arrangement. I’m not happy.

Fortunately, it sounds like things are going to take a turn for the better once Isaac starts kindergarten. Jo seems to understand that his son's education comes first. Kailyn explained how things will work then to a fan on Twitter:

I have both my kids, and when Isaac starts kindergarten, Isaac will go there [to Jo's house] every other weekend.

Sounds promising. Let's just hope for little Isaac's sake, Kailyn and Jo can remain amicable -- and stay out of court!

What are your thoughts on Kailyn and Jo's current arrangement?


Image via MTV

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sassy... sassykat122

I applaud kailyn's parenting style but this will happen again because when kids aren't in the same state as a parent the other parent often gets a month in summer when out of school. And kailyn's already on record saying she doesn't want to lose time with isaac. I kinda say to that oh well because the time joe loses being in a different state should be made up somewhere and isaac needs time with both parents

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