Kate Middleton May Give Birth Again Sooner Than We Thought

kate middleton red dressPretty much ever since Prince George was born last July, speculation about when we'll hear that a second royal baby is on the way has been flying. One minute Kate is supposedly pregnant with a baby girl, and the next, the rumors are denied, denied, denied! It's hard to know what to believe. But one resource we may want to consider: Bookies who handle bets on these sorts of things! Hey, they actually do have a lot to lose, so maybe that's a reason to think their predictions are accurate.

According to bookmakers, the royal family will welcome a brother or sister for Prince George in ... drumroll please ...


Considering that Kate may not want to be pregnant for this upcoming royal tour of Australia, and then relax over the summer, and then maybe get back to the business of royal babymaking in the fall, giving birth again next year definitely seems like a fair assessment. And gamblers have even started guessing the name of what they're sure will be a little girl: Bets have been placed for Alice, Charlotte, and Victoria.

Yeesh, I'd like to hear what bookies have to say about the exact month and date! Because you know they're going there. Before Prince George arrived, millions were spent on bets related to his birthdate, even his eye color! Hello magazine reports one company claims it took £1.5 million on royal baby bets alone. Wow. Well, good for those who bank on their educated guesses, but most of us are probably better off just waiting for the official word!

When do you guess Kate and William will welcome a second baby?


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waity... waitykate

More important to bet on whether Middleton will ever get a reasonable work ethic.  So far this year a total of just three "appearances",  so yeah, guess she'll need another vacation soon. Same for William, he's not very work oriented.

Who cares about the next baby !?

Willnot and Kannot have a snotty attitude about letting the filthy,ordinary public get any decent photos of little royal, superior baby George...so if they have another child you won't see that one either. Seems like a stupid attitude to take towards the public, if they want the public to continue to support their lazy butts or have any enthusiasm about them.  And they use other people's kids for "PR" and their fake little visits to schools - they only do it for approval. Because if they were truly interested they'd do much more public service than they bother with now.

nonmember avatar Human

As long as people like you are alive, the world will not be in peace. You are a jealous, ugly asshole.. Kate is fab and i have seen her in many public appearances. I'm following up everything and i think she has been working straight after 3 months since the birth of baby George. She doesn't get 8 months like other ladies do. She's out everyday at times! Wake up and do a lot od readings you Moron!

En Elle

If I had a kid you wouldn't get to see them either!  Good for them!  kissing

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