Beyoncé Stops Concert to Sing ‘Happy Birthday’ to a Fan Because She’s Beyoncé

beyonce happy birthdayEvery once in a while, one of the gods deigns to speak to us ordinary mortals. And when that happens, we are never the same again. Shehnaz Khan is one such mortal. Khan was celebrating her 22nd at a Beyoncé concert when her birthday badge caught Queen Bey's eye. Her Royal Beyness stopped the concert, beamed her glorious face down toward Khan's, and melodiously intoned, "You got the sign and everything, what's your name? How do you spell it?" AND THEN! Beyoncé held Khan's hand and sang "Happy Birthday." And lo, it was a blessed moment Khan will never, ever forget.

Here, dear readers, is what that looked like.


Here's what it looks like when Beyoncé stops the concert just to sing to you. Also: This is how you stop things.


This is what it looks like when Beyoncé gazes down upon you from the heavens.


Did you notice? Beyoncé doesn't wear ordinary flesh-toned hose. She wears flesh-toned fishnets. You are learning many important life lessons here.


This is what it looks like when Beyoncé looks you in the eye and sings "Happy Birthday" to you.


You can die now and go to heaven. Oh wait, you're already there.

This is what it looks like when Beyoncé holds your hand. SHE'S TOUCHING YOU OMFG!

beyonce happy birthday

And this is what it looks like WHEN BEYONCÉ KISSES YOUR HAND AYFKMWTSZOMFG$$%%^&***!!!!!!!

beyonce happy birthday

This is what it looks like when you faint right after. Don't go to the light!

beyonce happy birthday

And now, you are an anointed member of the Illuminati. Ha! Just kidding. I'm just envious. What sweet birthday present!

Which celeb would you most like to have sing "Happy Birthday" to you?


Image via Shehnaz Khan/YouTube

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