The Real Reason 'DWTS' Fired Brooke Burke-Charvet

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brooke burke-chavretThe news that Erin Andrews will be replacing Brooke Burke-Charvet on the new season of Dancing With the Stars came as a shock to everyone -- most of all to Brooke herself.

While her diehard fans may have hoped that she left to pursue other high-profile opportunities, that couldn't be further from the truth. Us Weekly has learned the real reason the former model will no longer be on the ABC hit and the horrible way she learned she was getting the axe.

A source told the magazine that Brooke wasn't even given advance notice about the decision. After several loyal seasons alongside Tom Bergeron, she was told "just hours before it was announced. She had no idea." Ouch. What a humiliation for the star.

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Adding insult to injury, the reason she got the sudden boot was because of her age ... sort of. The source revealed that producers think that tall, blonde Erin will be a bigger draw for young male viewers, which the network is incredibly desperate to attract. There is no question that the sportscaster is hot. The chemistry between her and partner Maksim Chmerkovskiy kept our tongues wagging all season long. But what is Brooke -- chopped liver?

For a woman who has given birth four times, she looks out-of-this-world amazing. But perhaps that's the problem. Maybe the fact that she is a mom affects guys' perception of her. It could be that they see her more of a motherly figure than a hot babe. And the network seems to want more of a sex symbol, according to Us Weekly sources.

Despite the disappointment, Brooke has taken the high road. She hasn't publicly spoken a negative word about the show. "So much chatter bout DWTS," she tweeted on February 23. "I'm really cool everyone. I did my 7 seasons, had a blast! I'm ready for change. I love your loyalty. Thank you!"

Do you think that's the real reason Brooke was fired?


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RMT1995 RMT1995

Unless they plan on having her host naked, I don't see too many young males caring to watch a dancing show.

Sue Jankowski

She was on the show for too long as it is.

Ashle... AshleyB1984

There is nothing in the world that will entice young men to watch this dancing show. I don't watch either.

Derrer Garrison Nichols

Just another reason to hate ABC./Disney ...they have proven to be heartless!

nonmember avatar Susan B

I think she is so beautiful and the way she has handled this just shows her character. If that is the reason maybe they need to replace Tom too. The host doesn't matter in attracting an audience, it is the show. Lately the scoring just seems off. I have been a fan but last season some people left that should have stayed and others stayed that should have been gone. More popularity contest.

Patti Novero

I am more upset about the band being let go then her. She did her time lets get someone else. But the band is what has been holding it together imo. They are awesome!

nonmember avatar Leesa

Brooke is way HOTTER than Erin. Erin has a funny crunched looking face. I don't like the fact that people are using the word "fired" don't you have to do something wrong to get "fired" Why not replace some of those dance "pro's". I will not be watching DWTS any longer. If the reasons are because of her age I think it discrimination. LAWSUIT call Gloria Allred.

lulou lulou

I think they'd change it up regardless. I rarely watch it, although did just buy Maxims cardio workout on amazon for $5.  And while I like Tom, they could always spice that up.  Im trying to think of someone good.

youth... youthfulsoul

Young, male viewers? They're joking right?

prplecat prplecat

The only young male viewers they're gonna get on that show would rather watch a young, hot GUY.

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