Robert Pattinson Makes It Obvious He's Not Over Kristen Stewart

robert pattinson dior hommeRobert Pattinson's sexy campaign for Dior Homme Eau for Men has taken the fashion world by storm -- and scent-sniffers by surprise. Apparently, the cologne has become popular with women as much as men. And no, not just because they've been seduced by all those sexy images of Rob promoting the "classic fragrance"! It has to do with the fact that the scent sports fresh notes like grapefruit and iris, which appeal to both sexes. 

The dashing movie star-turned-model spoke with Teen Vogue recently about this phenomenon, and while the Q&A centered mostly on Dior Homme, Rob also revealed his own turn-ons between the lines ...

Rob described the cologne's typical fan to be "a free spirit who does whatever he wants, and is fearless about it." Is that how he sees himself? At the very least, that's how he's portrayed in the fragrance's film campaign, directed by Romain Gavras, which shows Rob racing a vintage car along the beach, running on rooftops, kissing in an elevator, etc.

But as for women who may opt to wear the men's fragrance, Rob said:

She's a girl of her own mind, refusing to smell 'pretty' or do what's expected of her. And clearly someone who isn't confused about her idea of femininity.

Uh, that sounds familiar! Kinda like his on-again, off-again girlfriend Kristen Stewart? Seriously, could that description be even more fitting?! And it sounds like he's enamored of, at the very least, that kind of woman. So whether his heart is still KStew's or not, we can safely assume Rob adores the "free-spirited," unconventional rebellious type.

May have something to do with how he was raised, he admits:

My mum's quite a dominant personality, so I've always been very comfortable around girls.

Awww. As if we needed even more reason to find him ridiculously attractive!

How do you feel about wearing a men's fragrance like Dior Homme?


Image via DiorHomme/YouTube

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nonmember avatar GE

You must get hits out of the insane stan wars those two fan groups have and the insane robsten fans. they broke up, have been broken up for nine months, and seem friendly and civil. my guess is tabs won't let go because of some psychos who give hits.

nonmember avatar tona

I bet Rob will be with Katy Perry. Makes me sick if they are, then they will both be liars.

nonmember avatar Puhlease

The pictures of Rob petting a cow would be much more indicative that he's not over KS if anyone actually believes he even gives his trampire ex a second thought.

Ellenj49 Ellenj49

Really don't read between the lines.  He's not speaking in code.  He's single and if he likes that type of girl it's no surprise.  He was with Kristen for several years and she's is a free spirit.  So what, he admits he is too!  It is what it is!

Lynda Motl

I love the Rob's Dior and I DO wear it and get lots of complements!!
And the last time I checked....I'm a girl.....

nonmember avatar Eyecandyangel

K! First off how in the world does anything that

quoted Rob saying in this " article" have anything to do with or make it obvious that he is not over Kristen???

Poor Rob, I'd hate to know that everything that I said or did for the rest of my life would aautomatically associate me with my ex not matter how stupid it sounded just as long as it gives dorks live you something to write about. Are we suppose to call this some form of journalism even at its lowest form? I think not! Can us people ever print or write anything factual about Rob? Anything at all? Would you recognize fact if you saw them? Anyway, if I didn't love and adore Robert Pattinson I would give you freaks the time of day, and I'm stiil wondering why I'm doing so now! But about men's Dior, I wear my husbands Colognes from time to time. I wear what makes me happy and what I enjoy! I am a very feminine lady, but I love to be reminded of the masculinity of a man by wearing a just a hint of a mans colognes. Haven't tryid Dior yet, but it seem it would most definitely fit the bill... and as for he remains and always will be my Eyecandyangel.

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