Kris Jenner Tries Way Too Hard in Over-the-Top Tight Minidress (PHOTOS)

kris jennerI'm all about women enjoying themselves and embracing their beauty at no matter what age, but someone needs to tell Kris Jenner to stop. It's enough already. Come on, 58 years old is not the new 18 years old. Or even 28.

The unapologetically flashy momager was snapped in the audience at future son-in-law Kanye West's Long Island concert the other night wearing a sequined black minidress and thigh-high boots that made for an outfit that was (unsurprisingly) a smidge too short, a bit too flashy, a hint too tight, and a whole lot of trying way too hard.

Check it out ...

kim kardashian kourtney kris jenner

See what I mean? It's not like the woman doesn't know how to dress appropriately or in a polished, classy way! She totally does! But for some reason, the grandmother of three still seems hell-bent on "keeping up" with her daughters from time to time. And it bears noting that even Kim and Kourtney, who accompanied mom to the concert, were dressed down for the show. Thus, Kris stood out even more like a sore thumb -- not in a good way ... 

Don't get me wrong: She deserves to live it up, and you gotta love how much she's enjoying cheering on Yeezy, but couldn't she do that without crossing into Pretty Woman territory? There's glam, and then there's cringe-worthy. And no matter the occasion, Kris's latest look is definitely erring toward the latter.

Although I am loving that lipstick!

What do you think about Kris's flashy concert-going style?

Images via E!, Brian Prahl/Splash News, Kris Jenner/Instagram

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nonmember avatar tb

whole new definition to hoochie grandma

Diana Montgomery

oh please! she looks great! There are older women walking the beaches in bikinis! its not about your age its about how you feel and what u like! i actually think she pulls this look off quite well! you go grandma!

Diana Montgomery

btw.. it's very appropriate for a concert!


nonmember avatar Christine

She is on the prowl for HER Rapper! Stupid old woman.

nonmember avatar Donna B

I think she should dress her age. Nothing worse than a older woman dressing like a teenager. I'm 46 and I would never dress like that. Yes I want to look sexy for my husband when we go out but I dress sexy and appropriate for someone my age. Just because you are in your 50's doesn't mean you can't dress sexy you just have to do it and stay in your age appropriate. What's is up with her and Bruce dressing and looking like freaking idiots? Are they both going thru mid-life crisis?

nonmember avatar LovmAn

I'd love to give Kris some SOUL SAUSAGE. So she can see what Kim and Khloe are RAVING ABOU She's never had a Sting-a-Ling like the LovmAn has. Exquisite PIPE Holler at cha' boy Kris!

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