Robin Thicke & Paula Patton: What Actually Happened?

Even the coolest wife on the planet has her breaking point. Paula Patton has put up with lots of things other women probably wouldn't consider very cool. Husband Robin Thicke has been twerked at by Miley, coddled by tons of pretty girls on every dance floor in America and Europe, and has had to deal with a cheating accusation by a woman who claims Robin's hands were all over her body. At some point, a woman is just going to shake her head and wonder if it's all worth it. After eight years of marriage, the birth of their now 4-year-old son, and 23 years of commitment, the childhood sweethearts recently called it quits and announced that they "mutually decided to separate." But some of the details that have surfaced suggest one partner was a little less willing to split than than the other.


Just one day before they announced their split, Robin was spotted at Disneyland with the couple's son wearing his wedding ring. He was photographed laughing and smiling on the rides and, according to fans, was as sweet as sugar when stopped -- showing no signs of distress. Considering he was still wearing his ring, perhaps he was continuing to hold out hope for a reconciliation? 

It has also been reported that the "Blurred Lines" singer canceled his recent performance so he could dash to Canada to try and talk Paula out of ending their marriage. Paula is in Vancouver filming a movie, and according to sources, she sat with Robin for a long time to talk about their decision. But, in the end, they agreed they hadn't been getting along and had been arguing a lot more than usual.

Most are probably assuming Robin had a hot affair, given all of the rumors about his kind-of loose attitude toward cozying up to women who aren't his wife. If that is actually the case, Paula's staying mum about it.

It seems simplistic to blame the deterioration of an entire marriage on Robin's so-called salacious behavior, and I'm betting news of him with other women is a product of their marital problems and not the cause. It must be very difficult to keep a marriage alive when you've been together since you were children, but I'm sad to see they couldn't work things out. Maybe there's still hope?

What do you think is to blame for Robin and Paula's breakup? Do you think they made a good couple?


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