Kailyn Lowry Makes a Tough Move for the Sake of Son Isaac's Happiness

Kailyn Lowry sons

Wow. Somebody has sure come a long way. Would you believe that last week, Kailyn Lowry went to visit her ex, Jo Rivera, and his girlfriend Vee at their new apartment?

Yep. Oh, and I should probably mention that she brought her son Isaac, her new baby Lincoln, and hubby Javi along with her to go check out their pad in New Jersey.

And I know what you're thinking -- surely there was a boatload of drama that went down once Kailyn and her crew showed up on Jo's doorstep.

Well, believe it or not, it seems as though things went along ... well -- just fine.

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Kailyn and Jo are committed to putting their differences aside for the sake of Isaac and giving healthy co-parenting a whirl. Based on a tweet she posted after the visit, they're succeeding. (So far.)

It's pretty mature of her to look at this situation with such a positive attitude. It's obvious that her son's happiness is her number one priority -- even though keeping things amicable can't always be easy.

She may be young, but she's definitely setting a great example for her son by showing him that parents can be respectful and civil to each other even if they don't always agree.

Do you think Kailyn and Jo have buried the hatchet for good?


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nonmember avatar Tosha

She is a great mother and I respect the fact that she putts her son happiness ahead of her own. Her and Javi show good co-parenting skills that some adults twice their age don't have has.

nonmember avatar susan steinman

i think shes a brat..what gives her the right to have issac around whatever guy she wants but jo cant have him around vee?she had issac living wth whatever her last bf name was but was bitchin abt vee being at jos parents house when issac was there..she wants it all her way..shes lucky she didnt get charged for kidnappin by takin a child tht she shares custody of outta the state wthout informing the other parent..i happen to my sister,she lost custody..had to fight in court to get her kidd bck..

Bella306 Bella306

susan= she wasn't even living in the same state as Jo when she took him out of state and honestly she's married and wants to live with her husband and Jo was being childish about the hole thing so how is she a brat for wanting her family fully together? I mean think about it why should a married couple who have a child their own live apart? Doesn't make sence now does it?

nonmember avatar vegas

Please that broad is still in love with Jo. That's the only reason she is just NOW "squashing" her shit with Vee. No one throws a tantrum about a baby father's girlfriend for that long of a time AFTER being married with another child unless she still has feelings for him. Too bad Javier doesn't see it yet. Give it a year, she'll be with a new guy who's name starts with a J.

Ashley Boudreaux

susan, apparently you haven't seen the show much. she didn't prefer to have Isaac around Vee because she would blast her own self with her drinking and smoking. (if i were in the same shoes) the father of my child's new gf could be ms america, but bragging about drinking and smoking, and around my child, then of course i wouldn't want my child around her. people need to set an example for children these days

Chasity Carver

good for her she is a good mom and I have always seen it.

ABCMo... ABCMomma0211

Susan, have you seen the show? Vee is a ghetto little bitch, who does nothing but drink and smoke, damn straight I wouldn't want that thing around my child either. 

And the TWO men that Kailyn has had around Isaac, have been good influences, not like Jo, with girls in and out of his life. 

And no, she knew they would be allowed to move, the reason she did not get charged was because she was still following custody agreements. 

Vegas, you are a moron. She is not still in love with Jo,and the show shows it. Javi sees that Kail is in love with Javi, and their new son. 


nonmember avatar Adrian

who are these ppl???

Heidi Nothstine-Sowers

Good for the parents getting along..that is the way it should be.

Brandy Taylor-Kinder

They have to get alone for Isaac sake ... My ex and I do the same we don't bash each other when our son is around .. I my opinions about him to myself and he does the same ... They are going to be in each other's life for ever .. They have to just deal with it

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