'Bachelor' Recap: Clare's Crazy Family Proves She's Hiding Something

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Juan Pablo Galavis and Clare Crawley

Um, out of all of the seasons of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette, tonight's hometown dates had to be the most uncomfortable to watch ... am I right?!?

I can't believe I'm actually going to say this -- but poor Juan Pablo. I mean, he really had to work for it tonight, to the point that it almost seems like people were being disrespectful to him just for the sake of doing so.

Yeah, he doesn't totally make sense all the time. (Damn language barrier.) And he has a kid and is dating three other chicks. But sheesh! These families weren't about to let him off easy.

Especially Clare Crawley's crew. Can someone please tell me what the heck is up with those people?

I know Clare has been borderline nutty throughout the season, but after seeing how overbearing and controlling her 19 (or so) sisters are? It's no wonder she comes off a little bit, well -- like she's screaming for attention.

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I honestly couldn't help but feel bad for her when she was trying to have a heart-to-heart with "Mama," and her sister Lara (or Laura or whatever the hell her name is) wouldn't let her get a word in edgewise. And I know she's the youngest in the family and all -- but am I the only one who thinks something odd is going on here?

Her sister was acting more like an overprotective parent than her sister, which was just plain weird. It was so odd, in fact, that she must either be a) insanely jealous of her younger, way, WAY prettier sibling, or b) she simply couldn't resist stealing the spotlight for a few minutes since there were TV crews all over the place.

Or ... dare I say it? Lara/Laura/whatever was almost acting more like a mom to Clare than her actual mom. Could it be that her family is pulling a fast one on her and that's really the case? Stranger things have happened. (I'm only half kidding, people.)

Fortunately for Clare, Juan Pablo seemed cool with the crazy fest -- so duh, of course she's heading to St. Lucia for the overnight dates. (But I'm so sad Renee is going home. Or not. She can probably do better than Juan P.)

And OMG -- who else is dying to know what goes down in the fantasy suites that has these chicks all bent out of shape and crying? I'm already counting down the hours until tomorrow when we finally find out why Andi freaks out on Juan P.

What did you think of the hometown dates?


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Frost... FrostyMelted

He's terrible and deserves all the grief her family tossed his way. 

nonmember avatar Delia

Clare's "Crazy" really came out last week and this week, she snapped right back into that psycho thing. Mann...is there any way JP watched the show before he gets to pick his bride? Why is she still there??? ooooo...something about her makes me feel very uneasyyyy... By the way, last week, Nikki did say that when JP goes to meet Clare's family, he would find out where she got the "crazy" from. lolol She hit the nail on the head. That sister of hers was something-else...lololol I was wondering what in the world is going onnnnn

CafeEm CafeEm

I'm not sure if I've ever been this excited for an episode of TV in my life. That's pathetic ... and I'm well aware.

Jacee... Jacee2348

Ha Ha @ CafeEm ~ I think all of us Bachelor fans feel the same.  LOL

youth... youthfulsoul

I don't think Claire acts particularly crazy but I do think Nikki acts like a biotch. Although I will agree Lara was over the top. 

Michele Blunt

I can not believe that it was Renee that got sent home. She was the most down to earth and genuine women on the show. I wish he would not have strung her alond so long if he was not sure!

Julie Ann Morin Connor

This season is so boring, I'm disappointed and can't wait for it to be over.  He has no depth in him as a caring person, oh he has a daughter, and cares about her.  Maybe he should just go back to his ex.  They seem to get along just fine.  All this hype about what happens every week and nothing exciting ever happens.  

Sharon Callow

wrong one went home,spoilers have ruined the show,but its almost over..


nonmember avatar Kelly

I actually thought I missed something and Clare's mom was MUTE!!! I was SO confused. My daughter called me and ask me what the HE{{ was going on she was confused too. Haha. So it wasn't that Mama couldn't talk it was that Lara would - truly wouldn't LET her talk!!! Did they spring them from the LOONY BIN for the show? Big sis has some major control issues and Clare probably needs to cut lose from them or she WILL be crazy! I don't think Clare is crazy, needy maybe, but wanting love and needing acceptance is making her look a little over the top. I don't think Juan Pablo is a good catch, just a playboy... Anyway, I just about jumped out of my chair when MAMA started talking to Juan Pablo - I yelled she can talk - what the heck!!! Pretty much everything they said was lost because I was in shock... As for tonight, sounds like he is kissing (ummhumm) in the fantasy suite and telling... I don't know! The commercials made the home town dates out to be worse than they were so probably not as bad as it looks.

Jewel... Jewels3712

I think Clare isn't that crazy but just little lol. But her sister is a mess all around. I don't think any of these girls are going to make it bc Juan just seems like a man that likes all girls and doesn't stick to just one. I don't think he is ready for marriage at all.

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