Catelynn Lowell & Tyler Baltierra Need to Play Nice With Carly's Adoptive Parents

catelynn lowell instagramOn MTV's Being Catelynn special last night, we got a full update on what Teen Mom stars Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra have been up to since the last time we saw them. While they're still happily together (just not married), they were experiencing some frustration about Brandon and Teresa Davis, the adoptive parents of their daughter, Carly.

Although the couple can call, email, and occasionally visit Carly, Brandon and Teresa won't allow the reality stars to post photos of their daughter to social media. The reason: They don't want Carly in the public eye. But some might question that motive considering how Brandon and Teresa allowed Carly to be on the cover of LifeLines magazine ...

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So you can understand why Catelynn and Tyler would be frustrated. Although, they didn't really need to go so far as to imply that they may not have even chosen Brandon and Teresa had they known about this rule they would impose. Ouch!

No wonder they took to Twitter to apologize during the special last night.

Catelynn tweeted:

[Tyler] & I were going through so many emotions over Carly.. I feel bad for saying some things.. But that's how I felt. I DO LUV B&T.

To which Tyler added:

Me and [Catelynn] were having a rough patch with our adoption plan B & T mean the world to us. Adoption is hard!

Guess we've gotta give the couple props for their candor. And whether or not they agree with it, for the sake of their relationship with Carly, abiding by Brandon and Teresa's rules is for the best.

What do you think about Catelynn and Tyler's gripe with Brandon and Teresa?


Image via Catelynn Lowell/Instagram

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Stefani Duke

please......I jus don't agree with open adoption, and this is why. the PARENTS should ahve the say. not the ones who gave the baby up. and I can't even imagne the confusion in the child's eyes. it is brave to give up a child for them to have a better life, but you shouldn't stick around and be called 'mom' are NOT! so back the fcuk off and leave them be, or what little you do get will be gone....just my opinion

ABCMo... ABCMomma0211

Uhm they are so wrong, and seriously can't stand these two kids. 

Don't bitch about something, you made your bed, now lay in it. 

They could've kept that baby, but they chose the selfish option and let some strangers take that baby. 

Maybe if they would've been mature enough and responsible enough they would be allowed to post as many pictures as they wanted.

nonmember avatar nicole

I think that they did the right decision for them. I wish they would have kept her though. They have their ups n downs just like everyone but they could have done it out of any of them. I think they should be able to have and put pictures up of Carly. Yes the other mother n father r happy and givethem time with her. That's what open adoption means if those parents didnt want that then they should have said no to carly. If it wasn't for Caitlyn and Tyler they wouldnt have Carly at all.

nonmember avatar Christina

They knew they could not give Carly the life she deserved so they did what was best for her.. That makes them good parents not selfish... I was adopted and wish it was open. I missed out knowing my real patents... So cate and Ty u are blessed don't push for more, be glad and enjoy what u get... Love u guys

Amy Hyland

Catelynn and Tyler should consider themselves lucky because brandon and Teresa could close the adoption on their asses so fast it's not even funny!!

a.nic... a.nicole.beaver

They have no reason to be upset about it, BUT giving a child up is NOT a selfish option, it is the most selfless option a parent can make. They GAVE their child a better life, because they were not ready for children, but at the same time, they shouldn't have been having sex if they were not ready for children.

nonmember avatar Megan

I would agree that its not selfish. But in there case I do believe there was a little bit of selfishness going on. I think adoption is an amazing option as I do not believe in abortion. However I would see that there choice to put her up for adoption was mainly for their benefit. They can not have their cake and eat it too, and that always seems to bethe case with them. They say numerous times in the show that they gave her up so they wouldnt miss out on life. Yes, they have said also that it was for her to have a better life as well but definitley not as many times as the first statement. Also they stayed on teen mom to share "their story" while making a butt load of money off of it..... they definitley could've kept her in my opinion but thats just my opinion. But they seriously need to back off of Brandon and Teresa because going back to my statement earlier you can not have your cake and eat it too.

nonmember avatar Kelly

I am proud of their decision I too put a baby up for adoption it isn't easy and I get where they are coming from but they also need to remember that was one of the consequences of it, I struggle daily with my choice as do they. Emotions happen it's what you do with it that defines you

nonmember avatar Crystal Moore

They did what's best for Carly and to the people who say that Brandon and Theresa could "close up the adoption" its a legal binding contract that can't be changed they r lucky how they get to see her through pics and in person but you saw they said they were sorry and that they are lucky and thankful for Brandon and Theresa adoption is probably very stressful and you would have feelings like that every once in a while. I get why every once in a while they wish that Carly would call them mommy and daddy but they always say they are proud of their decision to adopt carly out and give her a better life and they gave brandon and Theresa a precious gift they couldn't get on their own

nonmember avatar sherri

How can anyone think that giving a child up for adoption is selfish??? Aborting a child is selfish! They made the right decision, Carl is in a home that she can be well taken care of with adult parents, not teenagers. I am glad they received the letter in the mail, that changed their minds about asking to post pictures of Carly. I hope they can work out their differences and get married they make a cute couple and have been through so much!

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