Actor Arrested for Punching Photographer but Who Can Blame Him?

sam worthingtonIt was like a scene out of an action film. A woman is attacked and her boyfriend jumps in to defend her, assaulting the attacker in the process. Happens every day. However, this time, the scuffle involves a BIG Hollywood star, who landed in jail for his heroic efforts. Here's how the entire, crazy incident when down.


Sam Worthington and his girlfriend Lara Bingle were walking out of a bar in New York City's Greenwich Village neighborhood around 5:30pm in the evening when photographer Sheng Li came up to them, then pushed and kicked Bingle.

So what's a dashing, hunky boyfriend to do? Take the jerk down, of course. The Avatar actor got between them and allegedly punched the seemingly crazed paparazzo. When police arrived, they hauled both men off to jail. Worthington was booked on an assault charge and the Li was arrested for reckless endangerment, assault, and harassment.

The star was released but must return for a court date on February 26. Hardly seems far based on the information on the assault that has come out so fair. Though, we don't know what incited the photographer. Did they had words in the bar? Is this stemming from an earlier argument? No matter what sparked the initial attack, Li certainly had no right to hit Bingle. Who could blame Worthington or stepping in. 

On the bright side, it makes him seem even sexier. Clearly the heroes he portrays in films like Clash of the Titans and Terminator Salvation aren't too far from reality. Bingle must feel pretty awesome knowing that her man will defend her at any cost.

Why do you think the photographer attacked them?


Image via Rossella Vetrano/Flickr

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