Kourtney Kardashian Should Be Seriously Concerned About Scott Disick (PHOTOS)

Scott Disick Kourtney KardashianUhhhhhh ... can someone please explain to me exactly what the heck is going on with Scott Disick these days? Because if I didn't know any better, I'd say he's either in the midst of some sort of midlife crisis (it's ok dude, we've all been there) -- or he's trying to kick off his career as a Justin Bieber impersonator.

I mean, check out this photo of him and Kourtney that was taken in New York City a couple days ago.


Yes, those are tie-dye pants. And yes, those kicks are totally cool ... for an 18-year-old.

And if you're not quite convinced that something major is going on with Lord Disick, check out this shot of he and Kourt chilling out in their hotel room.

Scott Disick Kourtney Kardashian

Seriously? Kourt said they were having "late night room service" in this pic, but it looks like he's sitting there waiting for the stripper to arrive, or something.

Maybe Scott is just going through some sort of odd phase. But if she knows what's good for her, Kourtney will keep a close eye on him. The last thing she needs is to suddenly wake up one day and realize she's living with an older, outdated version of the Biebs.

What do you think Scott's deal is?


Image via Splash; Instagram

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