Justin Bieber Rejecting Plea Deal Because He's a Tragic Victim

Justin BieberHave you by any chance heard Justin Bieber's new song "Broken"? The lyrics include the lines that he just needs some cameras, honeys, and ladies, and "How you expect me not to go crazy"? And despite the fact that "they be persistent, tryna break me down," he cannot be broken. Gosh, how inspiring! And it seems his incredibly courageous stance against the "haters" also extends to plea deals, because Bieber is reportedly rejecting the terms related to his Miami Beach DUI charge in January.

According to TMZ, Bieber wants nothing to do with the deal, which is typically offered to first-time DUI offenders. The probation, the random drug testing, and in particular, the alcohol education classes -- Justin's legal team beliebes he can weasel his way out of it ALL.


I have no idea if TMZ's claims are true, but they're citing those all-powerful "sources" in reporting that the prosecutors' case against Bieber isn't exactly rock solid. The validity of the police report is apparently being brought into question because despite cops saying he smelled of booze, he only had had a blood alcohol level of .014.

Of course, he also tested positive for marijuana and prescription drugs, but if his legal eagles can prove the cops' report was wrong on the BAC count, they may be able to get the whole thing thrown out. There are apparently additional questions about how fast he was really going thanks to the GPS readout from that rented Lamborghini he was driving, which shows him blazing around at 136 MPH earlier in the night … but driving an austere 27 MPH when he was pulled over.

So that's supposedly why Bieber's team is pushing back on the plea deal, to spare him the indignity and troublemaking inconvenience of being subjected to probation. Bieber is also wholly uninterested in the random drug testing, for no particular reason other than his sincere desire for justice (*rolls eyes, makes joint-smoking gesture*). As for the public alcohol education classes which are part of his DUI plea agreement, Bieber says hell no, on account of him being a famous person and all.

You know, I totally have a feeling Justin Bieber's going to sidestep this entire mess. He's got the money and power to throw as many resources at the case as he wants, and if it's true there are some holes in the police report, he'll probably be able to make most of it disappear.

It doesn't feel particularly fair -- I mean, as if some random non-celebrity could get away with turning their nose up at a DUI plea deal -- but then again, if Bieber doesn't clean up his act, it's probably only a matter of time until he's smiling for another mugshot.

What do you think of Bieber's case so far? Do you buy the idea that he doesn't deserve to be subjected to the plea deal terms?

Image via Miami-Dade Police Department

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