RHOA's NeNe Leakes Makes Another HUGE Mistake (VIDEO)

What is it with Housewives crying about being bullied? Did you watch The Real Housewives of Atlanta last night? Do you think Nene Leakes was bullied into attending Kenya Moore's Masquerade Ball?

Do Nene's shenanigans make Mob WivesRenee Graziano seem, well...not so bad, perhaps? I check in on the Mafioso Mamas, as well as take more viewer questions in today's exclusive video!

I would NOT want to be Apollo Nida this week. Not only is he facing criminal charges realted to alleged bank fraud and identity theft, but also Phaedra Parks has a legitimate bone to pick with her husband and I'll tell you all about it.

This week, in the battle of Nene versus Kenya, I cover what happened behind the scenes as well as on the screens. Did you catch that the charity in question, Saving Our Daughters, made an official statement after last week's episode? Then withdrew it? In today's episode I discuss what may have led the charity to publicly defend Nene, then retract their statement.

Nene had a chance, a slim one, but still a chance, to redeem herself this week. I think we can all agree that she blew it. First, the birthday party. Then, the Bailey Bowl. THEN.....bullying?? Was she high? What is it with all these Housewives whining about being bullied? Do you buy it?

Also, keep those viewer questions coming! I tackled a couple of interesting ones today from Beverly Hills and New York. Was Yolanda Foster being sincere at Gigi's graduation party? And what about those New York City timelines??

Who do you think is more outrageous -- NeNe Leakes or Renee Graziano?

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nonmember avatar justme1805

I love these but haven't been able to watch in a while. Is there in way to watch past vlogs?

Kimberly Morgan

Alex, you are spot on! NeNe is nothing but a huge bully! I actually believe she is Dennis Rodman's long lost twin!

nonmember avatar lynnie

I love your vlogs, Alex. I so enjoy getting the behind the scene "reality" thoughts. NeNe is starting to look like the old NeNe, She got pretty mellow in the last few season's. I kinda liked her being more reasonable. I the think Marlo is right, NeNe is loosing her star power, not having any new shows on her horizon. Since the cancellation of "The new normal" and being the last season of "Glee" I think she is showing her true colors now. Although I have to say, Renee Graziano is is alot nastier then Nene. I think Renee wins the b*%)th award this season.

Tracy Shea

Nene is a bit of a bully herself so there is no way she could be bullied. I think it was her way of saying" I didn't want to go but everyone made me go so it's their fault it turned out bad," just an excuse to not take responsibility for her actions.

nonmember avatar Sally

Kim you've been right all along, she(nene) is a big mean MOOSE. She needs a big piece of humble pie, tiger doesn't lose it's stripes. I'm embarrassed for her.

Heather Tyler

I don't care what NeNe does, she is my girl.  She does go over the top sometimes, but, she has good reason

Cynthia Beaumont

No way was Nene bullied , I was bullied my entire childhood she has not got a clue! THANK YOU so much for answering my questions and the shout-out!! So cool to hear my name!! Are you going to watch the Private Lives Of Nashville Wives? I'm gonna check it out!  The audio was much better this time, the words mach your lips. It's a shame what you guys have to go threw with keeping all the records,text's and stuff. I glad Kenya had all her proof,no matter what she raised money for them and that was nice. 

nonmember avatar guest

Are you guys blind, these girls are baiting Nene. Truth be told they're all bullies at some point.
RHOA is the most popular for a reason . . . Nene!

BonBo... BonBon503

I agree She wasn't bullied and for these 40 plus women to dare throw that word around is absurd. NeNe definitely is showing signs of stress Lack of Hollywood life and glamour perhaps? Kenya seems to be the only one showing any class Twirl on miss Twirl LOL

Michael Wilming

I think that Beverly Hikls is really lacking storyline. The inky fights seem to only be about gossip or idle talk of what the other cast mates seem to think of each other. The whole who put the magazine in Brandi's suite case is the weakest storyline I've ever heard. And am the only one not buying the innocent act/poor oil' me act from Brandi? How can she gain sympathy from anyone when she has been gloating/hating/ back talking on almost everyone. The producers really make her look two-faced and the guest appearances on talk shows just make her desperate. Kyle I feel is reaching too much as we'll? Wasn't the whole Mauricio cheating fiasco squashed? Is everything really just appearing too forced and too petty? Atlant seems to be reaching too on similar lines with the whole high school act of "why r u hanging out with my friends" story. Has reality tv reached its peak?

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