'Rich Kids of Beverly Hills' Recap: Dorothy Wang Drops a Nerdy Bombshell

Dorothy WangConfession: I've fallen completely for Rich Kids of Beverly Hills. What began as a professional recapping obligation has turned into something else. I'm not afraid to wave my freak flag high: I love the secret weirdos who populate the cast!

This week's episode was a perfect example of why my love can no longer be hidden beneath a proverbial bushel. I've said from go that Morgan Stewart and Dorothy Wang were dumb like foxes. This week they both let their vacant-wealthy party-girl images slip and we saw the geniuses they are beneath their expertly make-uped surfaces. Dorothy Wang casually wiped the floor with our expectations and I hearted the hell out every minute of it. DoWa, you've almost earned another Instagram follower -- almost!  

After whining about finally getting a job, Dorothy casually begins working at The Agency -- one of Beverly Hills' premiere real estate firms - SHE ALREADY HAS HER REAL ESTATE LICENSE. That's right, she's had viable skills this entire time and fooled us all into thinking all she did was stare at Birkins at take spin classes. The saucy minx! And guess who her boss is! IT IS MAURICIO UMANKSY FROM REAL HOUSEWIVES! I was all "worlds colliding, need, more, pinot". 

Dorothy is all business, while still keeping stuff thoroughly Dorothy-tastic (...a phrase I just wrote). She's making bank selling luxury real estate using her insane connections, mental acuity, charisma, AND KNOWLEDGE OF MANDARIN. I can't even with you, Dorothy. You're an enigma, wrapped in a riddle, wearing Jimmy Choos. Long may your job keep being a thing you do. Only maybe with fewer swans.

Were you shocked to learn Dorothy had like, actual skills?


Image via Bravo

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the4m... the4mutts

Okay, Ive never seen 2 seconds of this show, because it sounds like absolute dribble... But if a couple of the members have actual, functioning, living hamsters turning those wheels? I might just have to take a peek

nonmember avatar Jen

I have to admit that I watched the show originally because of all the press but I really DO enjoy the show. Dorothy and Morgan are so funny and the stuff they say are just harmless fun. I hope they come back for a second season.

nonmember avatar Dame Angoilini

To the writer: You addressed Dorothy and Morgan as "dumb like foxes" then went on to write this weak instead of this week hehe :)

nonmember avatar Barbara

edit your posts much?

nonmember avatar Stephanie

I agree with Jen's comment. I was ready to hate the show from all the reviews I've read but find it quite funny. The two leads look like they're genuine friends. I think people hate it because of the title and because of how the show was presented in the previews. Don't get me wrong, they have their shallow moments but don't we all? I can't wait till the next episode.

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