'Keeping Up With The Kardashians' Recap: You Won't Believe What Has Kourtney Kardashian in Tears

Kourtney Kardashian The family that hoards together...throws a massive garage sale together, I guess? At least that's what the Kardashians did this week -- when they weren't celebrating Bruce or Kylie Jenner's various birthdays. Kourtney Kadashian, after realizing how insane her garage has gotten, got the whole family together and suggested that they clear out their unused and unwanted items.

Khloe Kardashian made the offer even sweeter. They would donate the money they earned to charity, and then match that donation with their own moolah forked over to another charity. Aw, those fabulous-haired doo-gooders! Khloe was really on point in terms of making plans this episode. When she wasn't handling the garage sale she was also planning Bruce's fete. Khloe, please plan me a party with a giant helicopter cake. Love, me. No really -- love me.


It quickly came to light that the Kardashians are a family of hoarders -- and none of them are quite so bad as Kris Jenner. Woman, what need have you of seven or eight vegetable peelers? Unless you are having a peelin' party there's no excuse for that. Also, what is a peeling party? Is it something murderers do? Because it sounds like maybe the answer is yes.

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Kris had a sense of humor about her tendency to cling to her possessions. After some chiding from her kids and their friends, she was quick to jump on board and start selling her things. My only sadness here is that I didn't get a chance to buy her antler candle-holders. Seriously. I love NBC's Hannibal and also candles -- MADE FOR ME. Kourtney would've done well to take a page from her mom's book. She couldn't part with anything! Not a toy car, not a fanny pack, nothing! Girlfriend was on the verge of tears. She came around in the end, but it felt way short of genuine.

Did you think Kourtney was being ridiculous, or could you understand where she was coming from?


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Blanca Acevedo

Really..People shouldn't be surprise of her actions. If she carries a big kid around then i beleive it's going to be  hard to get rid of her kids stuff!! she'll ahve a storage somewhere with all her kids stuff!!LOL

nonmember avatar Dawn

I can understand Courts sentimental value in her n her kids posessions..I also am sentimental..but its her right n her business to keep what she wants..I just hope she contributed financially which I'm sure she did..she has a big heart...dawn from irwin,pa

nonmember avatar kat

Imagine if they had to face a real problem.

adamat34 adamat34

Amen Kat, sounds more like a petulant child not wanting to share more than anything.

nonmember avatar Meaghan

Umm. It was Kendal's birthday. Not Kylie's.

nonmember avatar Kristina

By the way it was Kendell's birthday not Kylie.

Morgan Macabre

If they're true hoarders, it's not "over-reacting". Have you WATCHED the actual Hoarders show? It's a real DISEASE! And when it comes to your child's things, it's a sentimental thing. Get off her dick already. I don't get why it's so cool to hate on these people. What does it benefit you? It just makes you look like a piece of crap. Grow the hell up.

Quinta Hohua

Kort wanted the garage sale and was all for it until her family said they'd give all proceeds to charity. Kort is a tight biarch, remember the coupon saga, say no more.

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