'Being Amber' Recap: Amber's Daughter Has a Heartbreaking Question for Mom

Amber Portwood Being AMberOf all three "Being Teen Mom" specials MTV aired this weekend, Being Amber may be the one fans wanted most. Catelynn Lowell and Farrah Abraham may not have been on the network in more than a year, but the two haven't been locked up inside a prison either. We've gotten to know what they're up to. Amber Portwood, on the other hand, has managed to fly almost completely under the radar since being sprung from prison in November.

But as we've suspected since a camera crew was spotted outside the Rockville Correctional Facility on the day of her release, MTV had it all on lock. We finally got a look at what a re-entry to normal life was like for Amber, and yes, the amazing moment that she reunited with daughter Leah was captured by the MTV crew.

It may have been called "Being Amber," but I have to be honest: this episode was all about little Leah for me. Amber admitted she only got to see her now 5-year-old daughter three times during her 17-month stint in the women's correctional facility.

So where did Leah think Mom was? Apparently she knew Amber was in jail -- we even heard her use the word to dad Gary Shirley. But it's hard to say just what the little girl thought that "jail" means, or if she really understands that her mom is back.

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Amber's disappearance definitely did a number on her daughter.

Snuggled up with Amber, ready to fall asleep, on their first night together, the little girl leans over and asks "Are you gonna be here when I wake up?"

Another time she tells her mom she'll be over to visit the next day and asks, "Will you be at jail?"

Heart. Wrenching.

To Amber's credit, she absolutely gets what she did wrong. Remember the Amber Portwood who wouldn't take blame for anything? Not even punching her boyfriend on national TV, despite the video evidence?

We didn't see her on Being Amber. The closest she came was getting a little pissy with Gary when he starts playing emotional games with her (see ... some things NEVER change), but she kept her cool. 

The only time Amber really does lose it is about Leah. She left the room to cry in private, away from her daughter and the cameras, and you can hear her telling a producer she screwed up her daughter because she was too busy getting high.

It's sad to see a humbled Amber, but let's face it, this is exactly what Leah needs -- a mom who gets what SHE needs. As Gary says, not unkindly, "Prison's one of the best things that's happened to you."

It's true. Prison might have confused that little girl, and Amber will have to do a lot of work to help her daughter adjust, but she's got the tools to change things. Now she needs to do what she told her brother Shawn she plans to do -- take the money she's getting from media appearances and sink it into college tuition so she can open the rehab facility she's talking about.

What do you think it will take for Leah to trust Amber again? Can she be a good mom this time around?


Image via MTV

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Teri_25 Teri_25

They showed them this afternoon. I had to double check to make sure they hadn't made a mistake on the TV guide.

Lobelle Lobelle

I wish they would take Gary on The Biggest Loser". He's the only stability that little girl has and he is one cheeseburger away from a heart attack.

nonmember avatar Kristin Walker

I am so proud of Amber!!!! Congrats to her for working so hard on her life. I can tell she really cares about her daughter. Keep up the good work girl!!! You can do it!!!!

nonmember avatar Chris Rick

Amber you can do this. You look so healthy and I hope you stay strong. You got this!!!!! :-)

nonmember avatar dippy

Amber Portwood's strength and courage will continuiously bring her back to real life. She is such a powerful woman to go to jail....F**k that B**CH and the people give into these types of shows. People like this is what is wrong with society.

Nancy Sadler

Yes she can be a good mom I was addicted to I didn't go to prison but I did shut my kids out now 2 yrs clean I see my mistakes and I'm working thru them!!amber port wood can do the same!!!

nonmember avatar lisa

yes she can be a good mom to leah it will just take timr but i think she can do it

nonmember avatar john

does anyone know the songs that were played on the show. The one that has lyrics I had troubles yesterday etc

nonmember avatar Awsome Mommy

I think she can be a good mom to her daughter. Hopefully she gets it this time. She was smart enough to choose prison over drug rehab that was not working. I feel sorry for her daughter having to live through that. Hopefully in time she will forget it ever happened and not be afraid her mommy will disappear. I think Amber can do it this time!

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