'Teen Mom' Star Pulled From Car Seconds Before It Explodes in Horrifying Accident (PHOTO)

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adam lindLooks like a lot of tragedy has narrowly been avoided due to a fiery car crash caused by a star from Teen Mom 2. Adam Lind, Chelsea Houska's ex-boyfriend, was pulled from his car after an accident moments before the car exploded.

On February 21 in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, Adam was driving a 2001 Corvette Z06 when he crashed into a Lincoln Town Car. 

Reportedly, the Lincoln was being driven by an 87-year-old woman with a 94-year-old passenger. Some truly heroic Samaritans were able to pull everyone to safety just seconds before the Corvette exploded. Everyone was taken to a local hospital and treated for "non-life-threatening injuries." 

Pretty crazy, right? It doesn't get much scarier (or closer) than that!

Lind, who first appeared on 16 and Pregnant, tried to make it work with Houska throughout several seasons, but now is currently seeing Taylor Halbur. He has a daughter, Paislee, with Halbur. On February 22, Halbur wrote on Twitter: "Sometimes we forget how precious life is.. never take it for granted. It is a fragile thing and we never know what the future holds."

According to a press release from the police, Adam was driving at "a high rate of speed" when he crashed into the Lincoln, then a traffic signal pole, then a fence. Dude is seriously lucky to be alive.

Here's a shot that's reportedly whatever was left of Adam's car:

Criminal charges are pending, and Adam should be thanking his lucky stars that not only were onlookers brave enough to pull him out of his car before it exploded, but that the two elderly people in the other car weren't killed.

If Adam were speeding like it's been reported, he definitely should face charges and be held responsible for his actions. Seems like split seconds made the difference between life and death, and hopefully Adam will be more careful on the road, especially since he has little kids that he needs to take care of.

What sort of punishment should Adam face for this accident?


Image via thalbur/Twitter


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adamat34 adamat34

Yes he caused the accident by breaking the law .

Maybe he will clean his act up now.

nonmember avatar lindsey

Are you serious? Should he face charges? The guy who had multiple dui's before he was even 21? This kid has sucked at life since day 1 that we have seen him on TV and never seems to be held accountable for anything. Yes he should be charged.

Bruic... Bruickson

Hasn't he gotten in a lot of driving related trouble? Like DUI's and such? Someone needs to take this kids drivers license away.

nonmember avatar andi

He is a terrible example for his children, and he will probably never become a man. He's stuck in perpetual adolescence. Just pathetic. The money he spent on corvettes should have gone into savings for his children, or towards making his life more stable and suitable for his children. Now, that's gone, too. Loser.

abra819 abra819

fucker. too bad he didn't go up in flames.

no, i'm not heartless. my family's a victim of reckless driving.

Elaine Cox

should he face charges...did you really just ask that

mamat... mamatreat

Abra, yes you are heartless. I don't care what you or your family were a victim of- wishing death on another human is classless, heartless, and just plain wrong. But then again, I really expected nothing less from you. Keep being a classy "lady."

Absolutely he should face charges. And have to pay the wages of all the emergency response people as well as the hospital bills for the couple in the other car.  

Tammy Richardson

I wonder if he was also drinking as he has been charged many times with DUI ...

nonmember avatar cierra

THANK GOD hes ok people can be so harsh im praying for you all ...

nonmember avatar Amanda

How does he sill have a license?! Multiple DUI's and accidents...take it away before someone is injured!

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