Justin Bieber Fights Back With New Song 'Broken' and ... His Mom? (VIDEO)

justin bieberWell, looks like we can't send Justin Bieber back to Canada in light of the bet from the US vs. Canada hockey game at the Olympics. D'oh. But, with Justin being Justin, he's been making headlines yet again the past couple of days. The latest? A plea deal for his DUI has been offered, and TMZ discovered all of the terms. He'll have to plead no contest to reckless driving; complete 40 hours of community service; attend an alcohol ed course; attend a "victim impact panel" with DUI victims; and install an ignition interlock device for three months.

What's more, he has to submit to random drug testing for the next six to nine months. As long as he does all this and remains sober, the plea will be entered.

Might be pretty tough for Justin to stay sober for so long, but he's also fighting back by releasing a new song and making his fans go awwww ... by using his mom!


Bieber's released his first song since his arrest back in January. Justin sings, "I guess they want a reaction/I ain't gonna give it to 'em" and repeats "I cannot be broken" in his newest hit "Broken." 

Take a listen:

Fans of his are most likely desperate for him to turn his life around and get back to his music. He's really just gotta stop egging people's houses, speeding around in expensive cars, especially while drunk, peeing in buckets, and being a brat. Not so hard, right?

But it looks like he'll always have his mom in his corner. Instead of accompanying him to rehab, Pattie Mallette recorded a song with him, and it looks like their bond is stronger than ever.

She tweeted:

Awww? I guess? He even got some footage of his mom singing:

Maybe if Bieber's legal problems go away and he actually does continue to release tracks and hangs out with his mom over his dysfunctional friends, he'll be able to shake his strange, bad boy image. More than anything, he's probably super relieved that a judge blocked the media from accessing the footage of Bieber in police custody. In which during some parts, you could see, well, all of him. As of now, we can only hope that he's able to stay sober and stay out of jail!

Do you think Justin Bieber's getting off too easy with the plea deal?


Image via justinbieber/Instagram

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