Matthew McConaughey’s Wife Admits He’s Not Romantic at All in Real Life

It turns out that one of our favorite romantic heroes isn’t all that swoony in real life. In an appearance on Inside the Actor’s Studio on Thursday, the Matthew McConaughey’s wife Camila Alves let it drop that the movie star is nothing like his rom-com roles.

Host James Lipton asked Alves (who was in the audience) how she met her husband and the father of her three children. She replied that it was a bar on the Sunset Strip, but indicated that it was not love at first site.


McConaughey interrupted to say, “It was for me!” He added, “It wasn’t for you.”

She seemed surprised at his reaction to the 2006 meeting. “That’s the first time you’ve said that,” she said, to which her husband replied, "I didn't say, 'Who is that?' I said, 'What is that? … I was like, 'Woo-ha! Wow!'"

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Lipton then asked her how McConaughey compared to the rolls he’s played in movies like The Wedding Planner and How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days. After letting out a “telling laugh,” she was reassured by her hubs to go ahead and tell the truth.

"It's very funny because people see him onscreen or out there in public in a certain way, and they have this vision of him being this romantic and so passionate. Just very romantic and grabs you and kisses you," she explained. "And sometimes I'm like, 'Who is this guy? Can you be a little bit of that?'"

McConaughey said that was “absolutely” true, and our collective female hearts broke a little as we realized that no one likes bringing the office home with them -- not even romantic movie stars.

Would you ever want to be married to a romantic sex symbol?

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