Ray Romano Makes Fatal Mistake When His Wife Asks About Threesome (VIDEO)


There's never a right answer to some questions wives may ask their husbands. "Does this make me look fat?" comes to mind. Another tricky topic to navigate is anything having to do with sex and her friends.

Ray Romano was on Conan on Wednesday when he told Conan O'Brien that he recently made a fatal mistake when his wife hypothetically asked him whch of her friends he'd like to have a threesome with.

There's probably no right answer to this question, but there's certainly a wrong one, and Romano definitely flubbed it.

Take a look to see his hilarious response to his wife's threesome question.

Ha! Yes, if your wife wants a hypothetical threesome, she presumably wants to participate too.

Have you ever asked your husband which of your friends he'd be into?


Image via Team Coco/YouTube

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nonmember avatar AmericanExpat

Silly women should not ask questions about topics they do not want to know the answer. If they feel foolish enough to ask their man about a threesome, then they deserve the answer they get lol.

Hurri... HurricaneTalia

You're kinda a douche aren't you? Personally, my feelings on the matter are if a man if making his wife feel loved, beautiful, and secure she won't have a problem asking these questions because there is no reason why she should feel upset about the answer if he is doing his job. Apparently Ray wasn't doing this. Hence her reaction. I've asked my husband this same question and I was able to do so because the two of us have such a strong and open line of communication and he has always loved me like a Goddess, so I have never felt the need to be insecure. If a woman is insecure in the marriage it isn't entirely her fault. 

Happy... Happydad73

Sorry, but Amexpat has it right. If you are going to ask these questions, including 'do you think she is pretty' and 'does this make me look fat' then you will have to deal with the answers you don't like. I told my wife from the word go, don't ask me questions you don't want an honest answer to, and you better not use the answers to questions like that against me.

nonmember avatar Jill

Same goes for men. Don't ask, "do you wish my dick was bigger?" "Do you think it has gotten softer with age?" "Do I have love handles now?" It goes both way men. lol I will NOT lie.

John Alastair

No, Jill, the problem is not men asking those questions in the first place; the problem is with men valuing their women's opinions enough to care what their answers to those questions will be. It's called low self-esteem.

nonmember avatar Jill

@john ofcourse it's low self esteem, and it's not exclusive to one gender. Plenty of insecure men out there. Anorexia and bulimia is at all time high in men. The point is, don't ask if you don't wantto know.

Lisa Horn

Am I the only one who remembers Ray Romano is a comedian by profession? That he is supposed to be funny and even a bit over the top and ridiculous? That most likely this did not happen and even if it did, so what? His marriage is working! He has been married for over 15 years (to the same woman) in Hollywood that is a life time.

Also, if you watched the video, his wife clearly stated she would never do it, so you could understand where he might have been confused. Also, just because your sexual bedroom has one set of rules, it does not mean that everyone else has the same set of rules. People are differnt. As long as all involved are respectful and follow the rules, so what.

nonmember avatar AmericanExpat

@Jill...I completely agree and I personally never ask such questions myself. Neither do I question or express doubts about compliments given even if I personally think they are bull. I just accept them gracefully lol.

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