Jenelle Evans' Pregnancy Woes Sound All Too Familiar

Jenelle Evans

Ugh. It really doesn't matter what age you are -- pregnancy definitely takes its toll as far as sucking the life right out of you.

And based on how Jenelle Evans captioned this new photo she posted to Instagram, it's clear that she's experiencing her fair share of the negative symptoms that come as a result of having a bun in the oven.

She simply said, "#exhausted, #headache, #needsleep."

Yeah. That about sums it up.

And you know what really sucks? The side effects she's having truly go hand in hand. If you can't sleep, odds are good you're going to wind up with a headache. But then once you have the headache, it's impossible to get any rest, what with all the pounding going on inside your brain.

Unfortunately since Jenelle isn't due until June, putting her smack dab in the middle of her second trimester -- it doesn't look like she's going to get any consistent relief anytime soon. Especially since she has Jace to chase around. At least with a first-time pregnancy, you can put your feet up and relax a little -- but that's definitely not the case with baby number two.

Maybe she ought to think about dialing back her schedule a bit and at least try to squeeze in a little more downtime before June rolls around. Newborns aren't exactly gracious when it comes to letting their moms catch up on some much needed z's.

Did you have headaches and sleep issues during your pregnancy?


Image via Instagram

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nonmember avatar Paola

I think it's so stupid that all these dumb articles are written on her "struggles during pregnancy" she is just being a whiner and complaining! I would give anything to have all those symptoms and have my babies with me! I hate that women don't appreciate pegnancy and there are so many women(like me) who would give anything to have their kids. I should be in my second trimester as well but instead I just had my second d&c to remove tissue that was left over. It's an awful painful healing process. Cafemom should write about better things than these....

Lovea... Loveavision

Paola, seriously? I'm really sorry you can't have children ( or whatever your circumstance is), but,that doesn't mean, pregnancy isn't rough on other women. You're making yourself look like an asshole.

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