Robert Pattinson's Big Life Change Is Exactly What He Needs


Robert PattinsonHe must be kind of over starring in major movies or something, because a source told Hollywood Life that Robert Pattinson is planning on recording a solo music album once he has free time in his hectic schedule again.

And from the way it sounds, it's not like he's taking a break from acting and giving music a whirl just for the sake of doing something new. Nope. Supposedly he is hoping to record a number one hit song -- which is why he's teaming up with a top songwriter before throwing this album together.

Huh. At first I wasn't so sure how I felt about this little venture, but I gotta say, I think I can totally get behind seeing Rob up on stage using his pipes to their full potential ... can't you?

And considering how hard he's been working these days, it totally makes sense for him to want to shift gears a bit and develop his talents in other areas besides acting. I mean, everybody needs to change up their routine once in a while so they don't wind up all burned out or stuck in a rut, right? OMG. This could do wonders for him as far as recharging his batteries goes.

Yeah. I'm digging this idea for sure. And who are we kidding? I'll be one of the first people to run out and buy his album when it's released. It has to be good. Who would expect anything less than perfection from Rob?

Do you think Rob can make it as a serious music artist?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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nonmember avatar Sharron howard

U go rob i love to get it he is so good

Valeriya Abrahamova

...sure,..he is very talented person & can make very good musician.....

Ellenj49 Ellenj49

Love love Rob, but don't quit your day job.  He's a talented musician but his singing style is so forced.  I have heard him sing in normal singing voice and it was great.  I don't think he will jump into an album anytime soon.  He's very busy.  I don't believe anything these websites write.  Not credible!

nonmember avatar Jane

I hope so! I have been waiting for his own album since he sang in Twilight. Hope he does make one.

Annica Lundquist

Yes he´s been talking about making music earlier and he is known for being a musical talent on instruments. I´m sure he got the musical ear to decide, that for him self


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